Experience has shown that some women did not get married to the right guys while some are happy with their choice of men simply because they made the right choice. The question that you should ask yourself is why is it that some women were able to choose the right men as husbands while made wrong choices and ended having a failed marriage? One of the reasons why some women failed to make the right choice is because they did not pay attention to what they should. When they are courting, they were pursuing shadows leaving the substances and that is the reason behind their failure.

One truth which surpasses other truths about marriage that you should know is that it is very important to pay attention to the deeds, words and actions of the man you are courting. However, your most attention should be paid to the action of your the guy you are dating. As it is said action speaks louder the words. This saying is most true about men. Men's words are embedded in their action. Their action is a true revelation of who they are. So, their action speaks louder their words.

One of the most commonly asked questions by ladies preparing to get married or those that are newly married is what is the secret of a successful marriage. The answer to question is marrying the right guy. This answer at the first look may not seem to be correct or may seem not to be a serious answer. However, the truth about this answer will come out if you reflect on it. When you marry the right guy, you will enjoy your marriage. But the question here is who is the right guy. The answer to this question is quite obvious. It is the man who does what he says or who pays more attention to his action than to what he says.

So, when you are dating or courting your man, try to find out whether he keeps to his words or whether he does what he says. You can go on and marry the person if you think that he is a guy that concretizes his love through action or if he pays more attention to action. Finding this out is very simple. If a man tells you that he loves you when he asks you for a date and but afterwards, he no longer keeps to his word or his action does not show that love, then he is not the right guy. The person is only deceiving you. A guy that loves you will respect you and will not despise your opinion even when you have gone far in your relationship.

Some women that fail in their relationship discover that but they overlook it thinking that there will be a change in the future. This is far from the truth. Most men do not change. If he does not change now, he will rarely change in the future. So, not keeping to his words or talking more and acting less is a warning sign that he is not the right guy. If you discover this on, you should consider another date.