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A mother is born the moment a child is born. This is an old adage which has been often repeated. There are different kinds of mother. Some are lenient, outgoing and chirpy whereas the others can be strict, pessimistic or disapproving of your ways. But who is an ideal mother? In the words that follow, we will discover what the qualities that an ideal mother possesses are.


Spending Quality Time With Her Children

No matter how busy a woman is in juggling different roles, an ideal mother never hesitates to spend some quality time with her children. She is always there when they need her. Be it attending a parent teacher’s meet, annual day function, sports meet or to provide her children company to their co curricular activities class; she does it all.


Teaching Them Lessons Of Life

An ideal mother ensures that her children learn the lessons of life quite well. This will help them to take certain decision in their life as they progress. She teaches her children the importance of small but important teachings of life such as the value of truth, moral integrity, financial independence, social grace and importance of being a good human being than being rich and educated. From making them self sufficient to teaching them etiquette for different occasion, an ideal mother believes in preparing her children to face any eventuality during the course of their life.


Approaches Children As A Friend

Parents and children, from centuries have been very close to each other. But there is a certain limit of confidentiality that a child maintains with his or her parents. An ideal mother is someone who is more of a friend to her children. The children are free to confide in her without the fear of retribution of any kind. A mother will give her children sound advice and object when her children go the wrong way. Unlike dictatorship, she will also explain to them the reasons for her decisions.


Giving Importance To The Opinions Of Her Children

Every child has his own world, own identity as well as his own opinions about matters occurring around him. Paying heed to his opinions is important as not doing so can make him lose his self-confidence in himself. An ideal mother will do just that. She will respect the individuality of her children by paying attention to their opinion and listening to them; no matter how trivial they are.


Being Patient With Her Children

Being patient with her children is one of the major qualities of an ideal mother. Children are moody by nature. They sometimes take time to respond to the commands as well as tell what is in their minds. Communicating with children requires immense patience. An ideal mother never lectures them or reprimands the tiny tots if they are unable to follow what she is saying. Instead she will repeat her words many times to make them understand. This will instill confidence in the child that no matter what he or she will never get scolded for voicing out their concerns.


Becoming Their Support System

An ideal mother is the biggest support system for her children. From the time a child is born till the time he lives, there is a bond of initially physical and then later on emotional reliance on the mother. This dependency is a life long process and continues on even when the children are grown up enough to become parents themselves. The responsibilities do not cease to exist for a mother just because her children have grown up. At every stage of life, the children will necessitate their mother’s presence for a sense of warmth, security and in case of any crisis.


To be a model mother is not easy. An ideal mother would be someone who tries to inculcate the best possible values with her child and provide her child with all the possible happiness to make him a strong, happy and independent person. Every woman strives to be so to the best of her abilities. The world may or may not agree with certain qualities of a woman but for every child, his or her mother is the ideal mother. She will always remain the epitome of grace and unconditional love for her child.

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