Ability to eat is a basic characteristic of living things. Through eating, nutrients required for human development is utilized by the body system to achieve growth, energy, good health and general wellbeing. So it goes without saying that food is very important for humans and indeed other living things. Although food is important in the body, eating excessively could lead to disastrous effect. I cant stop eating. This cry is a direct consequence of picking up the habit of gluttony. Gluttony is a state where food is eaten beyond the normal nutritional requirements to addictive food consumption. The bad consequences of gluttony are: obesity, diabetes, depression, organ problems (kidney, heart, liver, problems etc), anorexia, and many other consequences. Considering these effects, any wonder why people cry “I cant stop eating”.


I can’t stop eating is a cry for help. Most probably from people who seem unable to control themselves, and as a result the consequences is weighing heavily on them, hereby making them to cry for help. So what control tip can be given to such people – stop eating? No way! That will be tantamount to starvation and death. There is no other way to stop eating excessively than to stop it. Are you disappointed? The solution to gluttony is not as easy as saying a magic word, waving magic wands, and even wishful thinking. The step is actually simple, but the character traits required to overcome the urge is complex and difficult to develop and maintain. Before proceeding to disclose tips that can help in controlling excessive food intake, the consequences of gluttony will be discussed.


Why You Should Kick Against Overeating:


Over eating is an inordinate urge to consume food, especially the wrong combination of nutrients. Statistics shows that it is fixation on low caloric combination found in food like: vitamins, minerals, protein and water is low, whereas high caloric food contents like fats and oil receives glutton’s rampage. If this wasn’t the case, there will definitely be no reason for I can’t stop eating cry. This is because most of the adverse effects of excessive intake of food stems from high caloric intake obtained from carbohydrates and fats and oil. For instance obesity: Obesity is as a result of high accumulation of fats from calories in view of inactivity. Obesity if not controlled could lead to other debilitating conditions like: diabetes, stroke, heart attack, bone problems, kidney, and liver problems just to mention a few. These challenges are direct consequence of gluttony. Are you in this condition, below are some answers to I can’t stop eating cry.


Tips To Control Over-Eating

1.      Identify the reason for eating and eliminate it. There is a reason for everything. Gluttony is not intrinsic to humans, rather it is acquired. The question therefore is: how or where did you acquire yours. Did you pick the habit from friends, or is it something you reverted to during process of overcoming heart break? What ever it is, it must be identified. Do you find yourself eating more during a particular events, time, and occasion? Ability to identify the cause is a major step forward.


2.      Take stock. Evaluate your life, why do you really want to stop gluttony, or why do you cry I can’t stop eating. There must be something that is not right about you or with you. Is it your health, or how you look? The reason you wish to change must be have disturbed you enough to make that move, this will be your motivation. If you do not have a pressing motivation, then build one. Without it your effort will become useless. It is bad enough that you could die any time from obesity, kidney failure, or diabetes choose one. So if this does not do the trick then nothing will.


3.      If you are finally able to dig up a good reason, the next step is to make a decision, and stand by it.


4.      Move away as much as possible from conditions that could trigger over eating. If you have fellow gluttons as friends, then it is time to restrict your connection with them.


5.      Exchange. It is time to choose your diet wisely. Direct your gluttony to eating vegetables, fruits and water. Drink a lot of water daily to fill or curb the urge for food. If you feel the urge to gobble, eat fruits, and vegetable instead of consuming diets with high calories.


6.      Seek the help of an expert like a psychologist. This is suitable for severe cases of gluttony


7.      Adopt these character traits: determination, focus, self control, faith in yourself. These are winning character that will ensure that you become what you wish to become.


Gluttony is a negative habit that must be curtailed to avoid adverse circumstances.

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