Working in  a team means working together with two ore more people in order to achieve a goal together. Normally, each person in the team has his or her own rule to play for the target to be achieved. The team may have a leader or not. It is not every person that can work in a team. One needs to build a team spirit before they are able to work in a team. There is the tendency for some people to think that that it is easy to work in a team. It takes lots of effort and certain considerations in order to be able to build a team work. If you are looking for employment, you should first learn how to work in a team. This is because it is difficult for a person to avoid working in a team. Here are the tips you should apply in order to be able to cooperate with other members of the team for the accomplishment of the task assigned to the team.

Recognize your role and concentrate on accomplishing it for the success of the group. Don't fight to be a leader. Each person has a rule to play just as you have yours to play. So, if you concentrate on your role and the other person on his role, the team will be moving on.

Wait your turn. Everybody in a team should be given turn to speak or express their view. For you to be a team player, you owe every person in the team respect. In the same manner, they also owe you respect because as it is said, respect is reciprocal. If you respect them, they should respect you. When another person is talking, you should allow the person to talk and when you are talking, they should also listen to you until you are done with your point. 

Always see the  team from the point of view of view. Anytime you are talking to the team or any member within the context of your work, it is recommendable you use the language of we. You don't have to be confrontational while talking to the person. Even if you disagree on a point with your colleagues, there is no need to be confrontational when talking to the person. 

Make positive contribution. You should try to make impact in the group. There are different ways you can make a positive impact in a team. One of the best ways of doing that is by contributing your ensuring that you complete your role and also help others in anyway you can in order to complete their role in the team. You can also contribute positively by  maintaining and boosting a positive morale in the group.

Know your team members very well. You should know people you are working with. Knowing them means knowing their likes, dislikes, strength, weaknesses, what makes them happy and what makes them to be annoyed. This is important because you cannot work well any person if you do not know the person.