How To Use Your Full Brain Capacity

How many times you have felt that you have given results much below your potential? How many times you have felt that you have merely wasted hours without doing anything concrete? It happens with all of us. We all have our own defined share of intelligence twisted and winded in complex form but it depend upon individuals how they use their brain to full capacity. We live in the world of distraction where even small things have the potential to takes precious minutes from valuable hours. On other end the time we give to activities may not be effectively utilized and there is always a potential to get more out of them. Ultimately only thing that matter is the satisfaction we derive by giving our best that help us to achieve inner piece and perfection in our goals of success and personal development.


Diagnosis- If you segregate your hours in a day you would find that effective work done by you span only few hours while the rest has gone into things that does not matter much in your life. To take an example- You wake up and get ready for office. You take time to reach your workplace. At work much of time is involved in things that may not relate directly to the work you do. You come back, exercise, watch tv, and go to bed. The routine can be different for students or housewives but truth remains the ratio of effective time to the total time spent is way below what we would normally expect. It is in this area that there is a need to have effective and full utilization of not only our time but also our brain.


Need- The diagnosis shows the routine we follow. In this routine our brain gets involved in certain activities but it gets quickly pulled out from one area to another. You might be concentrating in a presentation but one small question or comment has the capacity to distract the whole group and take the attention away. In similar manner, you may be involved in some important work but if the environment is too distracting it won’t let you concentrate.


There are other set of people who gets snubbed by day dreaming. They might be working on something for their living but their mind always remains focused on things they would love to do. In all these scenarios the brain never works to full capacity and ultimately it develops a habit to getting distracted with slightest of things. This in turn results into opportunity loss and getting less share of success. The need is to control our brain and utilize the capacity to the level that even small involvement helps us give the excellent results. No matter you spend 5 minutes or 50 minutes, the idea is to spend these minutes in a manner that it gives the best in you.


Scenarios for Full Use of Brain capacity– There is opportunity everywhere that help us use our brain to full capacity. You can listen to important materials or book while you exercise, drive, or even get ready for work. Student can find opportunity during breaks, at start of class, while watching tv or doing things that gives opportunity to use time effectively. Same apply for housewives when they perform their daily chores. The idea is to first engage our mind and then utilize it to the level that we get the best out of it.


How To Use Your Brain To Full Capacity– Once you have decided to use your time effectively, the following steps would help you achieve your goal. The motivation is to fully engage your brain and give your 100 percent before you move from one task to another. However keep in mind that


1) It Needs Time– Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get immediate result. This exercise needs time and you develop a habit over a period of time. So start small and grow big should be your mantra.


2) Prepare Beforehand-List down the time where you think you don’t use your brain to full capacity. Broadly it can be classified into two levels. The first is when you are doing things where your brain is not getting utilized. The second part is when you are doing things that involve brain but it does not get used to its full capacity.


3) The Action Plan– the action plan spans to two areas.


 a. When you Brain does not get utilized– So while getting ready for work or exercising, cleaning etc. look for things that can engage your brain. It can be motivational lessons, work related lessons in audio form etc. the idea is to engage to the level that the actual work gets done and your brain remains active too. This is the time when your brain thinks of things that are mot of much use. It is clearly and opportunity loss if you don’t give your brain something meaningful to work on its full capacity.


b. When brain is engaged but it does not get utilized to full capacity– You may be studying for exams but you don’t really learn anything. You might be working but the output is not that effective. The best approach here is

·        write down what you would do in next three to four hours

·        start by the  clock

·        say to yourself that you would think of anything after completion of this time

·        give your 100 percent in that time.

·        Remind yourself in between if you feel that mind is losing focus again.

Yes it involves concentration and focus but once your mind knows that it has to work to its full capacity the chances of distraction is less. When I talk to myself and tell my mind on what to do next, it has always worked for me. It is easiest and simplest method which you use to engage your mind to work to its full capacity.


4) Discipline– Develop a habit and stick to it. Slowly you would find that it is much easier for you to concentrate and direct your mind on important things. Without delay your brain would be attuned to the work and would start to work on its full capacity. The more consistently you do this, easier it is for your brain to model itself.


5) Relaxation-Such effort do drain you and your brain out. In such scenario it is important to relax and turn off your brain from everything. Reading book or watching tv is not relaxation as it engages your brain. Keep spare time for it. What I mean by relaxation is to go for a nap, close your eyes to take rest, or do meditation etc. Remember that relaxation is best recharging activity you can have to bring your brain to the level that it can perform again.



I have got tremendous benefit by following this activity. I have learnt not only to utilize my time but also utilize it effectively. Following the schedule has given me mental satisfaction that has really contributed in my zeal to effectively utilize my time. It has not only helped me to focus on my job but also to concentrate on my blog when I start to work on it late in the night.


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  1. nice article… thanks…….I learned a lot from this article by reading….

  2. hmm this seems nice, I will try myself as i am tired of forgetting 95% of the preparation i do for my exams…

  3. Great article… Thank you very much. I ussualy sleep 2h/nigtht, trying to force my brain in order to work harder, but there are things that can distract me! For this reason I study during the night; there is noone to call me, my parents are also sleeping… it’s just me and my computer. Although I think I ve done great improvements I still lose part of my day! I will try what you said up here… thanks again. Kind regards, Bogdan, Romania.

  4. Mzimasi Ndzombane

    June 22, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Great article. This seems to be really helpful. I’ll take everything you mentioned into consideration. I’m actually a 17 year old doing my 11th Grade. My marks have been poor. 60’s and 50 percents. But I devote hours on end to my academics, but still no results show. This now makes it seem as if I’m “not serious with school” according to my parents. I feel that although I study, nothing is going in. And clearly that’s the case.

    Thanks for the great article

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