How To Turn A Husband Into A Slave

The women of today’s time are not the same as they had been long time before. But they bestow all their love on their husbands so that they do whatever their wives tell them to do. Therefore, this is the way by which they can keep their husbands happy and at the same time get their work done by them. Every woman wants that their husbands do things according to the way they want and this is the reason they are always eager to know the ways of how to turn a husband into a slave. They are involved in things which will make their husbands happy and thus transforming their husbands into so called slaves. Even the women shower their care towards their husbands and they can be easily changed into their own slave. Several ways of turning a husband into a slave are discussed below in this article.

Treat Him with Love and Care- Almost every husband wants his wife to love him the most. Hence, if you wish to make them blissful then it is essential that you love them. You have to take care about all the important things that they need. Even the small things can make a big difference into your life. Therefore, it is very necessary that every single thing that you do must be done keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your husband and thus this is the best possible way of how to turn a husband into a slave. In this way, you will be able to attract your husband towards yourself. Planning surprises and spending some quality time together will definitely make your relations stronger and thus your husband more obedient. 

Respect Your Husband- You should not do anything that will hurt their self respect. Try to give them respect wherever they go and do not speak anything that will hurt their sentiments. The husbands just want that their wives always support them in whatever they do and trust them too. Therefore, boost the morale of your husband and make him feel special. Make him feel that you are always there with him and in this way, you will bring him closer to you. Knowing trivial issues that annoy him and celebrating his achievements will also help you become his best friend.  An important step on how to turn a husband into a slave.

Take Care of His Family and Friends- The family is very important to any person and they want that who so ever comes must take care of the family. Therefore, if you want to get the love of your husband then it is vey important that you take care of the family. You can take them out and cook delicious food for them. Especially the parent’s care is of utmost importance as they are old and require help of someone. So, you can help them in all possible ways by giving the best comfort they want in their lives.

Liberty to Do Anything- You must give space to your husband so that they can also enjoy their lives. Questioning them for every single thing is not at the right attitude. You must have full trust and confidence on them. Whenever they go out for work, you must be cheerful rather than making faces. By doing this, you can easily know how to turn a husband into a slave. Even they have a right to enjoy with their friends and colleagues so give them the liberty to do things which they like and want to. 

Sexual Attraction- This is the best way by which you can impress your husband. By giving them sexual pleasure, you can attract them towards yourself. By providing them the sexual desires, you can get all the things done that you want and also according to your needs and requirements. This is the most efficient way as husbands always look for pleasure from their wives and this makes them really happy.

These are some of the best ways by which your husbands will love you the most and then you can get things done in your own way. Hope that the ways given above are beneficial to you. There are numerous innovative ways by which you can please your husband and can know how to turn a husband into a slave. If you wish that they get impressed by you then you have to do something special that will make them glad and at the same time come under your control. Above are some of the unique ways by which a husband can be turned in to a slave.



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  1. Haha nonesense, this article is written by a man and the title should change to how to be a slave to ur husband. This article is wrong wrong wrong, unless u want to be 70 and regret ur life. Men should not be treated like that. Take care of his family? his family only gets respect nothing else. If u give a man too much attention he will probably leave you. So, I say dnt give him too much attention, ignore him, live ur life, and he will be ur puppy.

  2. Amit

    August 23, 2010 at 11:28 am

    This article is written  by Khushboo Sheth (a female). You can know more about Khushboo in writers section and can know more about her interests and article/writing there only.

    Thanks for your viewpoint. we would love to hear from other readers too.

  3. why not let him kiss your feet the very first in the morning ?

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