Some people do not make any complaint to their partners even when they are not feeling happy about their relationship or when their partners stepped on their toes. Even though, couples are advised to accommodate the dark side or weak point of their partners, this does not mean that you should not complain to your partner when you are wronged. However, the manner you make the complaints matters a lot. You may have a case but you can spoil it by way you make the complaint. Some complaints in some marriages end up in a fight which does not even solve the problem. It only spoils the moment and worsen the relationship. So, if you want to make a complaint, it is advisable that you make the complaint in the right manner. Here are some of the tips to apply.

Don't give your spouse an order or make a demand

If your spouse is doing something that you don't like and you want him to stop, it is not advisable that you start with a demand or an order. There is a way you will make your complaints and it will be interpreted as a demand, an order or command. Do not use the word do it, or else, you must etc. Such words are challenging and commanding. If you complain with such words, you are most likely going to end up in a fight with your partner. It would be better or most advantageous to begin gently and in a thoughtful manner. If your partner does not buy your gifts during your special moments and you are not happy about, you can complaint and request for gift in a thoughtful manner. For example, you can thoughtfully request for gift in this way, would you feel bad, if you buy me a gift for Christmas?

Don't apportion blame on your partner in a disrespectful manner 

Bear in mind that you are to make a complaint and not to judge and apportion blame on your partner. When making your complaint, do not blame your spouse or find fault with him or her. For example, it will be bad and act of disrespectful to tell your partner that the problem you people are having is because he is selfish. Making complaint means that you want to bring a change in behavior of your partner and so, rather than disrespecting the person, you should respect and make your complaint in a calm and friendly manner.

Don't complain in an outburst

Complaining in an outburst means that you will shout at your partner. You will not achieve anything if you burst out angrily  at your partner. So, before you make complaint, make sure that you are not annoyed or angrily outburst to your partner.

The above are some of the tips that you should apply in order to know when to make your complaint to your husband or wife.