How To Tell Your Boss You Are Leaving

Recently I had many requests from my readers who wanted to know how they should tell their boss that they are leaving. If a person is thinking to this extent than it is very safe to assume that he share a normal or good relationship with his boss and deep inside he feel that his boss or the company would not be happy with the move. The question of leaving the job is very important because it has a potential to change ones life. At same time when you put your papers things change for ever and it becomes more of an event registered in the history of your life.  You want to go or stay back, the things somehow never remains same. Nevertheless once you have decided to leave your effort should be to make this process as smooth as possible.


Reason- Why You Want to Leave Your Job


The reasons can be any of following


1)     You got a good break in terms of profile and money.

2)     The break is ok but present job is not a fun anymore

3)     The money offered is good but profile is somewhat similar

4)     You are fed up with your current job and want to leave it anyway

5)     The profile is good even though you have compromised with money



No matter what is your reason but it is always advisable to


1)     Put Profile before money

2)     Put the environment of new company before money

3)     Put their procedures and policies before money

4)     Put everything else before money

5)     Do your Home Work



Why? You spend most of your time in office. If your job becomes living Hell, Money is of no use.


This has happened with me and I wish my readers would keep this in mind too.


So you want to leave. What should be your reason?


Most people struggle with this question. While People would advise you to tell the truth but that sincerely varies from case to case. You may be leaving because of large number of reasons but your effort should be to make the exit as smooth as possible. I personally feel that it is advisable to


1)     First Decide firmly in your mind whether you want to leave or not.

2)     If you are confused than you need to think more. It is important that your heart should follow one path

3)     Once it is decided you should take some more time to consider corner cases


Assuming you have decided to leave it is always advisable


1)     Never ever accuse anyone or blame your departure on anyone.

2)     Make your departure look like a growth opportunity you would like to take in your career.




1)     If something bad has happened to you people would know about it

2)     If you blame someone it would give different direction to the discussion

3)     Blaming anyone would not hurt anyone but your relations only.


How To Tell Your Boss You Are Leaving


It feels nice to throw your resignation on your Boss face. Everyone gets a kick out of it. But that is it. It is harmful to both you and your personality. You never know when you meet the same person in what form in future.


So Now the main part – How to Tell Your Boss You are Leaving


You need to be conscious of the fact that it take years to build relationships and few seconds to break it. If you are still reading this article I would presume that you share a strong relationship with your Boss and deep insiude you are too scared to break it. Honestly I respect that and I congratulate you to be amongst those who would rise too high in their career only if emotions are kept out of your decision.


Don’t be an emotional fool and be firm to follow the next steps.


1)     Talk to your Boss– So you have decided to leave. Too much concerned about the way to leave, make sure you don’t mail to you Boss and give him a surprise. Also make sure that your Boss would be the first person to hear about it. Set up a meeting with your Boss, take him out for a coffee or something and break the news. Tell him reasons why you have made this decision and how you want him to support you. Take all his questions and be firm. Remember all you need to talk about is the new opportunity and how you think it will help you grow in life. If money is good part of it then you have to talk about in an affirmative manner. Take your time; help your boss understand your decision.

2)     Make it formal– Once you have talked about it to your boss make sure to mail a formal resignation letter to your boss. This will help you to put a concrete date around it. This step is important to put things on paper.

3)     Offer him your help- You need to understand the problems your boss might face after you exit and you should be committed to help him out. Weather it is a succession issue or your handover; you should be forthcoming with the subject and need to make sure to make your boss comfortable about it.

4)     Go by your Boss– If your Boss wants to keep your resignation a secret than make sure not to leak it out. It is important that your Boss should be the first person to know about it. There is no fun in talking with people about your spoils and feeling great about it. This is more for a reason than the truthà Not much people would be happy to hear that you are going for some great opportunities. They would be rather jealous about it. So there is no point in giving people food for thought.

5)     Make it a Simple Exit– No boasting around, control you attitude. Even if you got something really great than make it speak for itself in future. People who worked with you would probably want to be in your position in case your opportunity is good. Best way to help your company is to make them feel that nothing great has happened and they should continue to trust the present company. You Boss and company would bless you for that.



Now the biggest question arise, what if your Boss comes out with a counter offer both in terms of profile and money.


Well, it is on you now. You need to asses your future in same company vis-à-vis an opportunity in hand. Sometimes companies do this to retain their best performers or even to satisfy their short term goals. Make sure to asses your future in same company in case you accept the offer. There is no harm to accept it provided you know you got a fair deal.


I had a time when I left the job and management did everything to stop me. But I was firm in my mind because I knew things would not be same again if I stay back. I was harassed and even my final settlement was delayed. I was two months without salary. Worst thing that happened to me was that it affected my relations with the management. However I never took it in wrong spirit and was in touch with my Boss for long time. I wished her on her birthdays and other important occasions. Result, the manager realized her mistake and things became smooth between us.


It is important not to spoil your relationship. Life is long journey; you never know how things turn out in future.


Be at your best when you resign. Don’t criticize anyone, it won’t help you. Be nice and calm and let the good things prevail.

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  1. Well, if we do it frankly, everything would be just fine. It’s not that hard to tell our boss. He/She will understand it. :)

  2. Hmm… I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

  3. The information you provided was so well written and answered all
    the many questions floating in my head.
    I was very confused about leaving my current job. The statement about
    “Putting Profile before money” was key information for me.
    I love the job I now have, but money was one of my reasons for leaving.
    Thanks for all the information you provided.
    You may have saved me from making a very big mistake!
    I’ve decided to stay at my current job for now.

  4. Some boss are demand… U can't believe that such a big company and the salary is too low, somemore I working for 4 years plus.  How to be polite with the boss that u hate.. We have less freedom, less privacy.  Not even a short call out, she will be walking in and out of her room, pretending taking a piece of paper to use the typewriter besides my desk.  Not allow to talk with colleagues during working time. If we do so, she will walk in and out of her office and stand behind my colleague desk and pretending to take files and bang the table and do filing… OH MY GOD… i really cannot tahan her. The task I done becomes other colleague in my department credits…My hard work all goes to her…. very angry… My boss aware of it but she mentioned it is not important..

  5. Always do things that wanna hide from others.  WHAT boss is that…. When we staff not around or back home, In Sap system, if she know our password, she will use our user ID and go into try alot of things amendment or whatever changes… If anything goes wrong, she gonna blame us and say our fault… Her ownself fault push to my fault.. Certain things she didnt mentioned or told me before, but she insisted she told me…What the….. ?  She always side her lovely so call"Sister", she trust her very much… For me, if she respect me, I definitely will even more respect her..  But No, she didnt respect her department staff except his "sister".
    I would not wan to commented too much as God got eyes to see, to watch..
    Although I like my job here now, but I cannot survive with this type of salary. I got 2 brothers to support. 
    I think is the best way to leave, I dont wanna waste my youth here…. I know that even I work 10 years, the salary will not be any much increment.  Due to I have a  colleague, she work more than 15 years, her salary below 1.6k, so that she everyday OT, than her salary is nearly 1.6k, boss cannot give us more as if she give her more as well, She ot, cannot claim ot… so she drag us down.. because of her, our salary all haiz…. wordless to say… I just hope I can find a better advancement, better prospect and better pay job, with many nice and friendly colleagues…

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