There are many reasons why married couple have extra-marital affairs. Sometimes, it may be the other partner that drives the spouse into having an affair. But, sometimes there is always some regrets that follow an affair when one realizes that having an affair is not the best means to solve one's marital problem. At this stage of realization of wrong, the best thing one should do is to end the affair. However, it is not always easy to end an affair. You may desire earnestly to end an affair but the other person you are having an affair with may not have that desire to end the affair especially if he or she has developed love or emotion towards you. The person will also fight to ensure that you people continue in the affair. However, there are steps that you can follow in order to end an affair.

Resolve to end the affair

The first step in ending an affair is to resolve to end the affair. This is important because without a firm resolution to end the affair, it will be difficult for you to end it. But it is impossible to make such a resolution without a realization that what one is doing is very bad. It is only when you realize that what you are doing is bad that you will be able to take steps towards ending it or making the resolution to end it.

Putting your resolution into action

One thing is to make a resolution and another thing is to put your resolution into action. You have to severe any relationship with the person you are having an affair with. This is not always easy as mentioned above. However, it is not impossible to do. There are certain things you can in order to end the affair. First, let the person that you are having an affair with know that you are not ready to continue with the relationship again. If the person is not aware that you are married, then you should also reveal that to him or her. The person may accept your decision to end the affair or may even give your reasons why you should not end the relationship. But don't listen to any reason from the person because extra-marital affair is always bad and nothing can make it good. 

Ending contact with the person

If you want to succeed in ending the affair, then you should not maintain any form of contact or relationship with the person. Some people may accept to maintain a platonic relationship. But it is always difficult for couples that have sexual relationship before to maintain a platonic relationship especially the relationship is not ended by something unpleasant. Don't have any date or go to party with the person. Stop calling the person and don't receive the person's call. If you want to receive the person's call let it be brief and end it once the passage is passed. 

Make out time to be with your partner

Now that you have ended the affair, you have to also bring back your spouse into your inner self. It is all about making him or her to occupy your thought. There is no better to way to do that than create time to be with your partner and have fun with him or her. Being with him or her as well as having fun with him or her will help to bring him or her back to your life or create a lasting impression of the person in you.

If you apply the above steps, you will be able to end an affair.