Now, you have resolved to end an affair and you have actually ended it. But you are emotionally destabilize by what you did. You have not actually been able to remove the person you have affair with from your mind or you still have feelings towards him or her. It seems that you are finding it difficult to do without the person you are having an affair with. But you still have feeling or at least sympathy for your partner. Is it actually possible for you to survive this affair? This may be the question going on in your mind. The truth is that you can actually survive the affair if you make little effort. There are certain thing that you should do in order to survive the affair. Below are some steps you should follow in order to survive an affair.

End all contact

If you want to survive an affair, it is advisable that you end all contact with the person you are having an affair with. Remove the person's contact from your phonebook or address book. If the person is a colleague, you should try to limit communication with the person. If it is possible for you, ask for a change of office or transfer to another office. Sometimes, continuing contact may not rekindle an affair but it is not advised. This is because it helps to help to call up the memories of the affair in both people involved. Such memories can also act as a force that can rekindle the affair. This is why it is advisable that you end any contact.

Explain the reason to the person

Before severing contact, it is advisable that you write a letter to the person you are having an affair with to explain why you want to end the affair. You can also invite him or her for a discuss. Whatever be the case, calmly and in soft voice explain to the person the reason why you want to end the affair and contact with him or her. Definitely, the person will understand you if you explain that calmly to him or her.

Make serious effort to avoid a relapse

Most unfaithful spouses suffer relapse even after they have resolved to end the affair and severe contact.  You can always avoid suffering a relapse by not having a secret second life. Making your partner to trust you or rebuild his or her trust again is a necessary step in surviving an affair. If your spouse discovered your affair and has lost trust in you, even if you succeed in ending the affair, you will feel the pain. But if there is still trust, the love will shine and feeling still loved will help you to survive the affair. So, you have to live a transparent life so that your partner will trust. Be honest to him or her.

Try meeting his or her emotional needs

If you want to survive an affair, you should try to meet the emotional needs of your partner. Give him or her all the attention he or she requires. Meeting her emotional needs will also increase the love he or she has for him or her.