If you hire a self storage, it is advisable that you store your items the units allotted to you in the right manner. Properly storage helps you to conserve space and also ensures the safety of your items. Here are some of the tips you should employ when storing your items.


Storage of metal equipment

Metal equipment can rust if they are not properly stored or if they are exposed in a condition that favors rusting. This is one point you should always bear in mind when you are storing your item. If you are storing any metal material such as bikes, tools, you have to wipe the item with an oily rag and also oil the moving part. Oil does not easily dry off and helps to prevent rusting. So, wiping with oil rag is similar to applying oil on the item. Before wiping with an oil rag, you have to first clean the item and allow it to dry before you wipe with oil rag. If you don't clean the item before wiping, dirt will accumulate on it. In this way, you will prevent the item from rusting when it is in the storage facility.


Freezer/fridges and washer

If you are keeping this storage facility in a storage, you have to ensure that they are defrosted. Clean any wet or water in these appliances before storing. If you do not leave to dry before you store it, they will definitely become malodorous. Mold, mildew and other fungi which normally develop in damp areas will find their way into these appliance. They can de-colour them or damage some parts. If you want to prevent any of these from happening, then you have to ensure that there is no water in it before sending them to the storage unit especially if they are to be kept there for a long time.


Spread plastic sheeting

Before you keep your items in the storage unit, you have to provide cover to the floor by spreading plastic sheeting on the floor of the storage unit. The bare floor may be dirt or dusty or even rusty. But if you place plastic sheeting on the floor, it protect the items from the dirt. In case you rent a larger room or storage facility, you don't have to fill it up with items without creating a passage way. It is important for you to create a passage way so that it will be easy for you to access the item anytime you want. You can either create the access way at the middle of the storage space by the side.


Placement of item

When you are placing your item on the storage facility, you should ensure that you place heavy items on the bottom and then lighter ones on top. If you place heavy items on top, the weight of the lighter items will not be too heavy for it to bear. But on the contrary if you place a heavy item on a lighter one, you will end up damaging the item. Again ensure that you do not place too many items on one item. When you are packing the items, you should always consider the weight of the items. In this way, you will not spoil any of your items. Keep items that you will not need towards the rear and at the bottom while those items that you will need more frequently should be on top. In this way, you will not have to scatter your items when you want to access them.


Label boxes

It is a good storage practice to label boxes before packing them inside the storage facility. The label should indicate the items that are packed in the box. If you label it in this manner, it will make access to the items very easy. By mere looking at the label, you will be able to tell whether or not the box contains the items you are looking for. This will help you to save time when you want to access you items.