The painful aftermath of consumption of alcoholic beverages is referred to as hangover. It causes some painful symptoms such as headache, stomach ache, tiredness, dizziness, disturbed sleep and many others. Some people may suffer just a few of these symptoms while some may suffer much of them after consumption of alcohol. The best way to stop hangover is to say no to alcohol. However, as you are drinking, there are certain things that you should do in order to reduce the symptoms of hangover. Here are some of the things that you should do when drinking to limit or even avoid hangover.


Choose you drink careful

Some alcoholic drinks contain more congeners which enhance hangover more than the others.  For example, more congeners are contained in dark spirits than light spirits. So, know the quality of the beverage you consume and also the quantity of congener it contains. One thing that you should bear in mind is that the higher the quantity of impurities contained in your drink, the higher its effect or pounding on the head will be. 


Drink with some edibles

Eating some edibles while drinking helps to reduce the effect or symptoms of hangover. Your stomach will get filled up easily as you are drinking and eating at the same time. This means that the quantity of alcohol that you will take will be smaller than what you should have taken if you are not eating. Besides, the food you consume will absorb the alcohol making it less powerful in the body. Some of the types of edible to be taking while drinking alcohol are bar peanuts, meat, popcorn or any other types of foods.


Drink less quantity

As it has been said above, the best way to avoid having a hangover is not to consume any drink at all. But if you cannot avoid drink at all, you should consume less quantity of alcoholic beverage. The more you consume alcohol, the more intense the symptoms of the hangover you will suffer from will be.


Mix your drink with water

It is advisable to add water to your drink in order to dilute it and also to keep you hydrated. Besides, adding water to your drink will help you to feel full easily.


Alternative alcohol with nonalcoholic beverage 

If you don't like adding water to your alcoholic beverages, then you should consider alternating alcohol with nonalcoholic beverage or mixing the two together. It will also help you to get filled up easily.


Drink slowly

Don't gulp down your bottle or glass of wine quickly. You should take some time to finish a glass. Sipping gradually is the way to go. Drinking slowly helps you to spread your drinking over many hours. In this manner, your body will have some time to to keep up with you.



It is not advisable to take certain type of pain killers if you are having hangover after drinking. Once you get home, shower and drink some glasses of water before sleeping. it will keep you hydrated and thus reduce the effect alcohol.