There are a lot of divorce cases in the society today. Some of the cases of divorces would have been avoided if the right things were done by the spouses. They played down on the complaints of their partners and overlook the signs of the looming dangers. The reality of divorce only dawns on them when their partners ask for a divorce. This is the time they will begin to look for a solution to the problem. Some people may succeed in averting the danger while for others it is already too late. If your partner ask you for a divorce or has already filed for a divorce, there are some tips that you can apply in order to avert it. Here are some of the tips.

Make your action plan        

The first thing that you should do if you are serious about ending the divorce is to develop your action plan. Take a moment and think of what to do in order to end the divorce.

Don’t make your partner feel guilty

Most people try to be emotional and appeal to their partners to coming back to them. Such people normally make statements like this “why are you doing this to me?” “How can you do this to me?” “I don’t believe that you are doing this?.” Appealing to your partner’s emotions using such words may make him or her change his or her mind. But this solution does not normally last but it does not address the major cause of the divorce. This is why it is not the best approach.

Determine what you need to change

The best way to win back the love of your partner is by making a change. Write down all the complaints raised against you by your partners. Think over them and see if they are true. You have to be honest to yourself when reflecting on the complaints. If your partner is right, then you should try to amend your ways. If he or she sees some positive change in you, he or she is more likely going to change his mind. It may not be easy for you to change some of the bad habits you formed. But you can always do that in order to save your marriage.

Always appear neat and appealing

Looking good always may pay off. If you appear good always, it is more likely that you will still be attractive to your partner. This coupled with a change of attitude will make the person to consider canceling the divorce suit.

Always try to make him happy

The best way to win over your partner and make him to end his or her divorce threat is to try to make him or happy. Find out those things that he or she likes and do them. You can prepare his or her favorite dishes, buy him gifts, clean his or her room, wash and iron his or her clothes and many more.

With the above tips, you are more likely going to stop your partner from divorcing you.