People no longer have a negative view about online dating. A lot of people are dating online today. It is an effective way of enhancing one’s sociability and finding love. If you are looking for love or a date, you should consider using the internet. However, online dating is very risky. If you have made up your mind to date online, you should be very cautious. There are stories of many people that have encountered some misfortunes while dating online. It is a veritable platform for scammers to carry out their evil deeds. So be careful. Here are some tips to apply in order to play safe while dating online.

Mind the details you add in your online dating profile

Your profile contains certain information about yourself which other members of the site will view when they are searching for a date online. There are some dating sites that allow any internet users to view the profile of their members. So, you should be mindful of the personal data you include in your profile. As a rule of the thumb, you have to only include data that you will be willing to share with strangers. In fact, there are some personal details that you should not include in your profile. First, it is not good to use your real name while creating your profile. If you want to use your real name, it should be only your first or middle name and never your last name. People will identify you easily with your last name.

Do not add your home address in your profile. People can trace you to your home. It is also not advisable to add your office address or address of your school. People will be able to identify you if they know your place of work or study. Put differently, it is not good to reveal your real identity in your profile. If you find a date and you want the person to really know who you are, you can disclose your identity to the person through private message.

Sharing your photo online

Most online dating sites allow their users to upload their photos for other members to view them. Photos are important because they help other members to make their choices. But at the same time, you don’t have to be posting your photos indiscriminately online. Some photos will give people cue on who you are, where you work and where you live. So, you should be very careful on the nature of photos you share online. Don’t post any picture that bears your real name or the name of your employer or sibling. If you want to post a lot of your pictures, then you have to set your profile so that only your real friends will view them.

Don’t share all personal details at the beginning

If you finally find an online date, you still need to be very careful with what you share with the person especially at the initial stage. You will only share a lot about yourself when you have developed trust on the person.