Staying calm in stressful situation is very important and necessary. Doesn’t matter, whether you are in public or at home, keeping yourself cool and calm in bad situations will prevent not only you but others too from getting trouble or getting hurt. Though, it is not that much easier because very cool and calm loving people lose their control over their mind in stressful situations. But, you can make it possible with your ability of controlling the situations, and it will be of great advantage to you and your work. Here, you can find some tips of how to keep yourself cool, when the pressure rises…

Accept the Situation

Life has to move on. When unwanted things take place into our lives, we get panic, angry, frustrated, forgetting the fact that we have to deal with this situation at any cost, whether we want or not. But, by evaluating the thing and then deciding the proper action whichever is the best, you can avoid this unwanted situation and chaos. Keep your mind cool and calm and think about things then only you can stay calm.

Proper Diet

It may sound obvious, but in bad situations we all forget to take care of our diet and the most important need of the body gets avoided and sacrificed. Having lesser sleep and improper diet, we block the functions of our body and mind. Proper sleep and diet keeps our body active and in bad situations, we can stay calm and handle things very efficiently. You don’t go for the drive without fuel in the car then why you expect your body to function completely, when you give it less.

Listen to your Favourite Music

Music has an exclusive link with our emotions, and this is the reason music is an exceptionally efficient management tool. Listening to your favourite music can be very relaxing to your mind and body. So, next time whenever you are in bad situation, don’t get stressed but make yourself calm by listening to your favourite music. Really, listening to your favorite music always has strong healing effect.

Breathe Deeply

Taking a deep breath is also one of the stress busters. Breathing deeply relaxes your muscles and lessens stress intensity. When you breathe deeply, your mind and body both will be calmer and will permit you to control the bad situation in the perfect manner. So, regularly breathe deeply to help your body to function properly and to handle bad situations. Even the doctors advise to take deep breathe because it relaxes your muscles of back, neck, arms and shoulders and feel more relieved.

Stay Focused

While in bad situation, you should make control on yourself and others will automatically remain controlled. If anyone out there creates chaos or makes the situation messy, you should immediately move him away. If you’ll be controlled then you’ll be calm, even in bad situations and it will allow you to become more perceptive. One more thing to make sure is that you should always keep an eye on things whether they are getting done on time or not.

Take one Step at a Time

A bad situation can be irresistible, even when you have planned out everything. But you should always remember that the “Journey of a thousand miles begin with one step”. You should just focus on the bad situation and then plan out even from the small objective. Just keep in mind that you cannot handle bad situation suddenly or just by taking one long step. So, start from the beginning and stay calm in bad situations.

Say ‘No’

If you say ‘yes’ most of the times to others, it means you want to please them. And when you say ‘no’, you feel guilty and create bad stressed situations for yourselves. You should know how to say ‘no’, and if you don’t know then you should learn how to say ‘no’. There are many situations in day-to-day life, where we fall into the dilemma of saying yes / no. If the situation is in favour of NO then you should definitely opt NO, because you have to prevent yourself from the bad situations.

Enlist Others

Remember that sometimes you cannot handle bad situations on your own. You should definitely enlist others too. By doing this, your problem will be divided and you will be less stressed and the bad situation will not take much time turning into a good situation. Some people think to handle the bad situations alone and take the full credit. But at this point, they forget the fact that by doing this they are playing with their health and making their mind and body very stressful. So, according to the situations, we should not avoid taking help of others.

All types of ups and downs can create bad situations. We create some of them and others just occur. Learning to stay calm in bad situations won’t happen in a day. Like any other skill, it also takes time and most important practice.

Learning this habit makes things to move smoothly. It helps you to lead a happy life. Sometimes situations become unexpected and unwanted, and it’s difficult to stay calm in such situations. That’s why it’s important to know how to stay calm in bad situations. Then only you will be able to focus on the situation wisely.


Picture- Or Hiltch

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