How To Stay Calm In Any Situation

There are always situations in life that compel us lose our temper. How much ever you try, it becomes impossible to stay calm every time. Very few people possess the saintly quality of maintaining calm and composure at any given moment. Most of us shall agree that certain incidences demand us to lose temper or act stern.

However, one thing is for sure, that losing our temper can cost us very dear. It may cost us our job, opportunity, relationship or money as well. Not to talk about the adverse effect it has on our health. If a bout of anger can cost us so much, then why not stay calm in any situation?

Well, you may think that it is easier said than done. In spite of understanding that losing calm can damage our lives forever, most of us find it difficult to stay calm. So, here we bring you some very practical ways to stay calm in any given situation. No philosophic preaching here, but sheer simple practical approach.


·                    Remember the loss it may cause: Always keep in mind that if you lose your calm, nobody but you will be at loss. The loss will be manifold in comparison to the reason for which you lose your temper. As mentioned earlier, the losing calm could change your life for the worst. But, if you keep the loss in mind, you are less likely to cross the limit. The positive fear of the loss that losing calm may cause, will stop you from going overboard.

·                    Realise that you are angry: Even after understanding the consequences, sometimes, situation may invoke you to overreact. The best thing at such moment is to realise that you are angry. If in the feat of anger you find it difficult to keep sense to realise that you are losing your cool; have someone to prick you in time before your temper gains tempo.

It is observed that the realisation of an emotion brings its intensity down. The moment you realise that you are angry, you will let the steam out of it.  Once your anger pacifies, your senses will gain control and you will realise the advantages of staying calm.

·                    Choose your response: You may not be able to control the situation, but certainly you can control your reaction to it; and a lot depends on it. How the situation is going to evolve further will depend on how you react to it. An angry and excited reaction to already peeved situation will only worsen the situation. Whereas controlled and composed response will be effective in toning down the intensity and the after effects.  

Choosing the response is like choosing the path that you prefer trading. If you prefer tensed and troubled path, throw tantrums. If you prefer healthy and harmonious solutions, stay calm. If amicable and agreeable response is possible, why choose responses that can only harm? 

·                    Keep eyes on the larger picture: Your composure and reaction will be appropriate if you have your eyes set on your goal. If your goal is positive, and you have a grand vision of life, your will stay calm. Silly obstacles and disturbances are bound to occur on your way to achieving your goal. If your eyes are fixed on your target, you will neglect small irritations that may instigate you. If you lose your calm, you will not only waste your energy but also divert from your path and attention.  

·                    Divert you attention: If you find that the situation is going out of hand and you may lose your temper, the best way is to diver your attention from that scene. Leave the place, change the topic, talk to other people, drink water, read a book; or just go out in a fresh air and breathe bellyful. This is sure-fire method to avoid getting angry and maintaining your composure. It is easy to follow and works every time. 

Now you are equipped with the ways to stay calm in any situation. It is always better to have some buddy who will alert you if you press the panic button or trigger your temperature. Remember, the people who are good at staying calm, are better at handling the situations and the best in getting the desired results.

Post Written By Sanjeev Raspaile

Photo Credit- g-mikee

How To Stay Calm

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