Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, they say. It is an inevitable fact that almost all the teen boys would have had a crush upon a girl for with some reasons in their teen age. This kind of crush may later turn into two. They may either go for a love and marriage or they may turn back.  Anyways, approaching a girl for a boy sometimes is a difficult task while some handle it with ease. Particularly, the first time task should have been a difficult one to most of the boys around. Starting a conversation with a crush is not that easy since, the boy wants the girl not to misunderstand him the first time itself.

Starting a conversation with a girl might need a lot of preparation at times, if you need the girl as your girl or if you are in love with her. When it comes to someone like an ordinary friend, a formal intro will do the best. But the same will not work out with a lover girl. You need to get into her mind and since it will be your first time, the talk should be very strong yet tender so as to penetrate her heart and reach her brains and induce a sense of ‘good boy’ feeling into her.

Charm: Most girls love the boys who smile a lot. Be charm and attractive so as to attract a girl. Being charmed is so easy and is of course very good for your own health.

Jovial: Need not be strict. Be happy and conducive and let her ease out and adapt to your own ways of feelings. Be free and frank enough when you speak and maintain that level of comfort.

Generalize: Understand that not everyone likes what you do. Better go for penalized and interesting topics of her interest rather than your interest. This will create a feel of importance in her and that will later turn good.

Importance: All the girls love her guy to concentrate on them alone. Many girls act very strange in order to get this type of attention. How will it feel if they get it from you the first time before you speak? Wouldn’t that be awesome? When you are about to speak to your crush or a girl whom you like, work it out such that you give all your attention to her and her only and not to gadgets and other materials.

Praise and Appreciate: Appreciations are what a girl loves the most. Appreciate and praise her for little things. It might not be a matter of concern for boys, but for girls, a small appreciation is a doorstep to heaven. Learn to appreciate them for whatever they do be it the first time or any other so.

Girls love to be in a very good company with a guy who understands her clearly and appreciates for what she does. If the guy is very jovial and kind enough and up to her expectations, there is no second thought. Picking up a conversation with a genuine attitude is really very important. The conversation should clearly confirm that you need her not for just because of lust. If it turns the other way around, no girl will allow it to happen. The amount of genuineness will define what a girl is to you. Be cool and relaxed with conversing with her and realize that she needs to speak what interests her and not what interests you. Better go with her interest. Also acquiring proper knowledge about what she likes and dislikes will help you a lot in picking up a nice and cool conversation.

Be bold enough, strong and eager in speaking. Crack as much as jokes as you can without insulting anyone. Most girls love it this way. Turn all the attention towards her and let her know that you are having a very good time with her. This will let her think about the importance you give to her. Smile whenever necessary and make her smile always. Be expressive rather than being submissive. Understand her way of speaking and interests as you speak and proceed with what you have understood. Be nice and soft spoken even if you are hard. Introduce yourself passionately and effectively such that she never forgets you. Maintain very good eye contact.

Starting a conversation is of course a very simple task. But starting and efficient conversation is where the matter and talent lies. Understand that a girl loves speaking and speaking and gossiping all over. Do not try to amend them to your attitudes. Try to change them to what you are not at the first meet. Be gentle and more expressive.

Relax and allow her feel relaxed. Do not go in with any complaints about others and avoid any similar talks. Remember that girls are very versatile and sweet to handle. Starting an easy conversation with simplified necessities is the best. If you are introduced to a girl via your friend, maintain that dignity and speak with ease and make her comfortable and develop a very nice friendship.


Article by Khushboo Sheth

Picture – BdwayDiva1

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