Respect is very important for a solid relationship. It is crucial in building affection and love between two people in relationship. Once, you enter into a relationship with another person, you should try to treat the person with respect and expect the same in return. Having strong respect for your partner may not be easy but you can always do that if you follow these steps given below.

Be a gentleman

It is important that you treat your partner gently and fairly. In your relationship with the person, you should behave like a gentleman. Don’t treat your woman as a weak person or child by doing things that she can do for her like opening doors for her. It is not proper to treat your partner as less human being. It does not show respect.

Be polite in your dealing with her

Women like men that talk to them in a polite manner. Such worlds as please, thank you, would you and others are recommended. There is a way you will talk to your partner, it will imply lack of respect. But if you use these polite words, she will feel respected and honoured. Whether you are still dating her or you have married her, you should be polite while talking to her. You should not make use of any profane or harsh words when talking to her even when you are cracking jokes. Such words piss women off.

Always keep to the plan

If you plan something with your woman, you should keep to the plan and agreement you have with her. She will not be happy if you break plans without any reason. If a change in plan is inevitable, then you should let her know on time. Don’t allow her to find out by herself. If you don’t inform her, it shows that you have no respect for her but if you inform her, it shows that you value and care for her.

Come back home on time

If you are married and you are living together with your woman, you should always make it a point of duty to come home on time on daily basis especially if she is not employed. She is alone at the house and so she needs somebody to keep her company. Besides, not coming home on time will keep her restless. If you are not going to make it on time, courtesy demands that you call her to inform her.

Be there and on time

If you have any appointment with her, you should try to be available at the agreed venue and on time. Don’t always come up with flimsy excuses on why you will not keep to the appointment or while you should be late. If it is inevitable that you will not be there or that you will be late, you should also let her know.

Don’t be jealous of her male friends

Some men are too possessive. Such men tend to become jealous of their women’s male friends, colleague and exes. Being jealous of her male friends shows that you don’t trust her. She may think that you see her as a flirt or deceitful woman. This does not show any respect to her.