A ladder is structure that comprises various rungs or steps or bars between two upright lengths of rope, metal, wood or fiberglass. It is used for climbing up and down a high structure such as a storied building, a tree, electric pole and the likes. It is an important working tool. There are certain types of works that you cannot do without a ladder. For example, if you are painting a high fence or a storied building, you will require a ladder to carry out the work. Today, ladders are available in a number of types such as scaffold, two-person ladder, extendable ladder and others. It also comes in a number of sizes and different load capacity. So, when you are shopping for a ladder, there are a number of things you should consider. Here are some of the factors to take into consideration when it is time for you to shop for a ladder.

Load capacity

Climbing a ladder or working with a ladder can be risky. The rungs or steps are bearing your weight. Given that, they need to be very strong so that you can safely climb the ladder and your work. The same thing is also applicable to the poles which can be made of woods, metal, rope or fiberglass between the rungs or steps are attached. So, when you are shopping for a ladder you will use, it is important that you consider the load capacity in relationship to your weight especially if you are the only person that will be working with the ladder. Buy a ladder that is strong enough to bear your weight.


Flexibility is another factor that you should consider when it is time for you to buy a ladder. You should buy a ladder that will be easy for you to move about with. This means that you will be able to carry the ladder to and from or change its position when required during work. Don't buy a ladder that will require you to look for help in order to carry it about during work. 

Consider the material used in creating the ladder

Different materials such as woods, metals like aluminum and fiberglass can be used to make a ladder. Each of these materials has its own strength and downsides. For example, ladders made from strong woods are durable, economical and electrically nonconductive when they are dry and clean. But they can be destroyed by termites and other wood eating insects unless they are treated. They are also heavy to carry. Ladders made from metals like aluminum will last for a lifetime. They are lightweight and do not corrode or rust if they are treated. However, they can conduct electricity and thus cannot be used to work on electric pools. Fiberglass ladders on the other hand are strong, electrically nonconductive and are of great value. But they may not be as strong as ladder from metals. 

When choosing a ladder material, you should take into consideration the type of work you are doing. If you are working on electric poles for example, you should buy a ladder made from a nonconductive material so that you can safely use it to work. You should also consider the strength of the material. If a ladder is made from wood for example, you should find out the type of wood used in creating it. Some hardwoods are more durable than and tougher than others and thus ladder made from such hardwoods are safe to use.

Consider storage space

You should buy a ladder that will be easy for you to store. There are some ladders that are foldable for easy storage especially those made from aluminum. Even if you are buying a non-foldable ladder, you should ensure that you have enough space to store it.

The above are some of the tips you should apply when you are buying a ladder.