EBay is one of the most popular online market place where you can sell different types of items. If you have a motorcycle that you want to sell, you can sell it quickly and at a good price via eBay. However, eBay is unique and has unique ways through which items are sold via it. Many people register with eBay but they are not able to sell their items quickly and at a good price because they do not how to go about it. Here are some of the tips you should be apply if you want to sell a motorcycle via the site.

Include many pictures of your motorcycle in your listing

When you are listing your motorcycle for sell via eBay, you should try to include as much photos of the motorcycle as possible in your listing. You should take pictures of the motorcycles from various sides and upload it in your listing. The importance of photos in eBay cannot be overemphasized. Every buyer will want to know how the machine he or she is buying looks given that it is not a brand new machine. If you upload photos of your machine, the potential buyers will get the idea of what they are buying. Thus, you are much likely to get offers than any person that does not include photos in their listings. When you are uploading the photos, ensure that they are properly attached and logically. If you start with right side of the bike, attach another photo that showing another side comes after the part you have previously attached. This will enable potential buyers to have an idea of how each parts of the motorcycle looks like.


Pricing is another aspect of eBay selling of motorbike that many people make some pitfalls. If you are pricing your item, that immediately price it at a premium price. You should price the motorcycle in such a manner that the potential buyers will have a wiggle or room to bid for the bike at a fair price. Before pricing your motorcycles, you should consider some factors such as depreciation, eBay price, color, the condition of the bike, mileage and others. This will help you to know how to price your bike or where price falls. The best practice is to price a little bit below the lowest book value and let the final price to be determined by the market. You will get the best deal if you fix the price as said above.


There are three shipping options when it comes to eBay selling of motorcycles. They are:

·         using a third party shipping services or eBay shipping service

·         transporting the motorcycle via a trailer

·         telling the client to take the motorcycle from your home

Most people prefer having the buyer pick up the bike from their home. This will provide them the opportunity to showcase the bike to the buyer.


If you have not completed your mortgage or loan you took when buying the motorcycle, you have to make it clear in your listing. You should also make known to the potential bidders how long it will take before the title from lien holder is transferred to the buyers.