It has been discovered that an art of seduction is more than necessary as an instrument of spice to enable a relationship more interesting. Every man is expected to seduce his female counterpart at one point or the other in the relationship. Often and often, greater percentage of men do not know what, where and how to commence seductive activity. You are just in the right place if you fall in that category.


Tips for successful seduction

  1. Talk with her. In talking to her, ensure that communication is highly effective. As you talk with her, be sure that you are sensitive about her response and that you properly interpret the response. This will enable you to be sure that you are just getting the right reactive from her. Now, in this communication, tell her about how amazing she is, talk about those things both of you have in common, those things that both of you desire in the future. These will give her the confidence and draw her closer to you than ever because you have proven to be the real man she so much desire of. Seize every opportunity to pay her the necessary compliment as you talk.


However, as you do the talking, don’t ever cross some red lines. Don’t go to the aspect of religion, politics and even money if you don’t really know her kind of person. Such talks piss some girls off. Don’t talk about how miserable your life has been and how it is not going to get any better for you. Some say this to obtain pity from a girl but it will later hunt them. Don’t talk about other women including things that may be very offensive to her.

  1. Set the stage to generate the mood. If you are fortunate that the girl is in your house or any other location which you can easily control, then you have an upper hand. Put on some dim light or soft light so to say or candle light. This is necessary to provide at least a sense of lovely and seductive atmosphere including obscurity. Try to control the temperature especially when it’s a bit cold. If it is a bit cold, then you free to use what some people refer to as the home advantage if you like.


Give her your jacket to provide some warmth for her as you stylishly give her a gentle and almost unnoticed hug to regulate her own body temperature. Ensure that the location in question a safe place where she can be confident of security and a bit of freedom. She needs to be free to be comfortable to do anything like sitting on your laps, giving you some free hands to wrap your hands around her. Some girls are just shy to allow a guy to do that in the presence of others. Also ensure that the room and the surrounding are clean. There should be no irritating smell or whatsoever.