How to Say Thank You to Your Boss – 15 Effective Ways

How To Say Thank You to Your Boss has been a hot point of discussion. The thin line between being genuine and a sycophant makes this subject bit debatable. Everyone usually have a different viewpoint on this and at same time they get largely driven by their principal and conscience. No matter how much you debate on this Topic the truth remains that you need to show your gratitude towards the people who help you. So it should be different when it concerns your Boss.

Sycophancy comes into picture if you thank your Boss for nothing with intent to gain some mileage. Internally and deep inside your heart you would know the tricks you use and maybe at times you might hate yourself for that. But a genuine help received followed by a vote of thanks is different. It is as clear as a mirror and does not makes you feel bad about yourself. Yes, if you have received help from your Boss make sure you thank him for the help. Additionally make sure that it start and end within limit lest it start to show up as superficial. If you overdo it, there are chances that whole purpose will lose its meaning and you might lose some points in front of your colleagues and Boss.

Remember, Your Boss is a human being too and he likes to be appreciated and acknowledged. Human Beings are social animals and praise in any form is good enough to raise the spirits.

I have compiled a list of 15 effective ways which if used wisely can help you to Thank your Boss Genuinely.  These are not about how to write a thank you note but these are proven methods by which you can thank your Boss both directly and indirectly. Yes, there are methods to say thank you indirectly too and they are at times much more effective than saying directly to your Boss. So here it goes

1)    Thank You (Saying in Person) – This is one of the Direct Mechanism. You have got a help and you express your Gratitude either by saying it directly or through the mail. Both ways it is effective and would really express your feelings. Meanwhile it would make your Boss happy too because he has just helped someone with a problem. While you do this make sure you say that and then don’t drag it on for longer time.

How to Say Thank You to Your Boss

2)    Quote Your Boss– If your Boss has really helped you than don’t hesitate to quote him in situations where you pass on the concept to others. So if he has helped you to solve a problem and now you are demonstrating the solution to others, make sure you quote your Boss. You can do this in meeting or trainings in his presence or absence. There is no harm in giving a credit to those who deserve them.

3)    Ask for Advice– If you face more problems than go to your Boss and ask for advice. Thank him for the help he has offered in the past and ask for the help again. Use this opportunity to thank him again for something which he has done long time back.

4)    Give Recommendation– Recommend your Boss in social media sites like LinkedIN. Write clearly to highlight his qualities and how his presence really makes a difference. Such recommendations are much sought after and can help your Boss in his career too.

5)    Propose his Name– I once proposed my Boss name in a Radio show and he got the nomination for the Best Boss. I talked about the situation in which he helped me and why I think he is the best Boss. My Boss got the call and had to talk a bit live too. While I did nothing directly, it helped me to Thank Him for the help he offered me in past. You can too propose your boss name depending upon the situation. This works and is among the most effective indirect mechanism.

6)    Name an Approach After Him– Name an approach in your Boss name if he has helped you to crack it. We always name things by the people who crack it first then why the Boss should be different. Branding something good really helps and show your appreciation for the help offered.

7)    Offer Your Help– Is your Boss in need of an urgent help? Is he running late on some scheduled tasks? If yes than don’t hesitate to help your Boss.  Remember at times you not only need to show your gratitude in words but through gestures too. Help Offered at opportune time is the real Thanks which  you can offer back to your Boss

8 )    Give Good Feedback– A good feedback given to Super Boss would do wonders for your Boss. Use this opportunity to Thank Your Boss Indirectly. At times people do seek some feedback about managers and these are best times to show your appreciation for the help received.

9)    Wish Him on Birthday and Anniversary– A midnight SMS wishing him on his birthday or anniversary and thanking him for being there is also one of the method. It is more of an occasion which gives you an opportunity to give vent to your feelings and thank your Boss. Use this occasion wisely.

10) Use Boss as an Example– While working with your Peers or juniors use your boss as an example in all good things you can think off. This is different from quoting him because it relates more to branding. You can also talk about the situation where he helped you and how working in the team and respecting your Boss helps create good culture.

11) Appraisals– These are opportune time when you get dedicated hour or so of your Boss time. Use this opportunity wisely to talk to your Boss and show your gratitude. The more amenable and appreciate you are, the more easy it is for you to put across your point.

12) Praise him in Front of his Spouse or Family– Don’t hesitate to praise him in front of the family. Generally the family knows nothing about their earning member and hearing the words from outside person does have its own charm.

13) Take Him Out for a Drink– There is no harm in taking out your Boss for a drink and having a casual talk. You can raise a toast or pay the entire bill citing the help received as the reason for celebration. Remember this is very effective in cases where the reason of celebration or help received is really big. example- he helped you to close a big account or customer.

14) Supporting Him in Company Events– Has your boss participated in some company event? If yes go outright to support him. Even in the events that concern your managers make sure you help him to win. This is the most effective way to show your Boss that you care and really appreciate the help you have received from him.

15) When you Quit- If you quit the job make sure to thank your Boss in personal communication or during your last speech. Internally he may not be happy but hearing good things about himself might help to cheer him up. Also make sure that you should be in touch with your Boss even in your new job and wish him at every opportunity you get. This will help you to foster long term relationship and show your appreciation for the good days you had with him.

Remember, A Thank You in not always an appreciation shown by saying the two words, giving flowers, or reciting a poem for your Boss. It can be indirect methods where you say nothing but still mean a lot without words. All above methods if used wisely helps you to put your point across without taking any guilt.

Try It. It will help you to show your feelings.





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