In my last article why you need a rock solid reputation, I emphasized on the need to have a rocking reputation and how that goes a long way in determining your success. While it was one face of the world, the other face is clearly a need to ruin someone’s reputation in order to get ahead. This may sound a bid rude and unethical but the truth is that this is something that is happening around us in everyday life. The form it generally takes is that of competition. One company spoils reputation of other company in order to promote their own sales. One salesperson uses all tactics in front of customer to show why his product is far superior to that of his competitor.


The truth is that wherever there is a comparison there is a mad race of superiority. And success often comes when you ruin someone reputation in order to gain mileage for yourself. I personally see nothing bad in it simply because this the way game is being played. So you either need to get better within rules or make your own rules. When everything is fair in love and war ruining someone’s reputation is the best weapon to score a home run.


Lets now talk about how you can ruin someone reputation and when not to use this strategy


Why you need to ruin someone’s reputation


1) Because he is in a way your competitor

2) He holds a position or piece which you desire badly

3) He is a roadblock to your success


It is essentially a 3 step process which if followed diligently can give handsome returns. While it can be followed in parts but if you get better in all three steps, the success for you would be long lasting


Step 1- Innovate and Be Worthy


It is very important that if you want to offload someone from a certain position, you need to be worthy of it too. Which means the prerequisite to spoiling or ruining someone’s reputation is


1) You need to have all or more qualities which your competitor offers

2) You must provide value which is far much superior to your competitors

3) You need to be certain and do everything that would promote your acceptability in place of your competitor.


Step 2- Doubt


You need to create doubt in minds of people about your competitor. This is best abd effective weapon to spoil someone’s reputation


1) A seed of doubt puts the competitor in the pedestal where opinion can sway any way

2) Doubt makes the competitor more prone to bad opinions as they spread in more rapid manner

3) Doubt in itself is opinion to which people can rely on in case of minor event of dissatisfaction.


This can be done in several ways like spreading rumors, glorifying bad cases, seeding dissatisfied people etc.


Finally, Third and final step to ruin someone’s reputation


Step 3- Keep Attacking and Punish Mistakes


Mistakes do happen and the best one can do is to punish the competitor at every mistakes. This could essentially mean that


1) Glorifying the competitor mistakes.

2) Attacking areas where they are prone to make more mistakes

3) Leading them to make mistakes by making competitive moves


And do that only when the odd is clearly in your favor.


While you follow above 3 steps it is also important to


Avoid Mistakes on Your End


You should never


1) Confront your competitor from a weak position

2) Confront directly until you are very sure as it can topple you too very badly

3) Get impulsive and make mistakes yourself


It is a war and need to be mastered at any cost. Companies and people around the world use these tactics to get better of their competitor.


The famous colas, detergents, soap etc. wars have been fought by corporate in similar manner. Also people themselves in their lives have occupied position of importance by playing the war tactfully.



The bad thing about reputation is that it takes time to get build but takes little time to get eroded. There are always people who have a die hard faith in an entity with reputation but that percentage is generally very less. Most of people are on sidelines and are willing to switch provided they get something of good or more value. This principal then helps to ruin someone’s reputation and get ahead.



Picture Credit- Fabiana Zonca

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