Relationships tend to be very fragile though they do not appear so. We too have a tendency to stretch our relationships to the point of ‘no return’. We test the level of patience and tolerance of our near and dear ones only to realize that we have pushed our luck too far. Love and attraction are part of every relationship and for these two to wither away takes a lot of time. It happens gradually and sometimes may take a life time for it to be regained. Here is how to regain lost love and attraction in a relationship.


Come Out In The Open

The castle of a relationship which is built on lies is bound to crumble into pieces sometimes or the other. The more time it takes, the more is the amount of hurt and betrayal. The amount of pain it causes too cannot be measured. To really know how to regain lost love and attraction in a relationship, you must remember that disclosing information is not an invasion of privacy. Details about your past romantic relationships or your health problems or passwords of your email ids will only instill confidence in your partner about your levels of commitment into a relationship. Many are of the opinion that telling your partner small little details is not the right thing to do because they need not be concerned with such small details or what has happened in the past. What one does not realize is that sometime the smallest details about your life can bring down your relationship of years in a few minutes.


Do Not Repeat Your Actions Of The Past

Your past actions and deeds can be forgotten or ignored once or even maybe twice; but surely not if you make them a habit. Try to find out what has hurt your partner. Is it your actions or your deeds or any of your habits? If you want to know how to regain lost love and attraction in a relationship, then remember not to repeat your mistakes and genuinely try to avoid your mistakes in the past. Over a period of time, your partner will notice and realize that you are making a conscious effort to change yourself and regain what you have lost in the relationship. Do not make changes to impress someone or to build back your relations. This will take a lot of time. Make the changes in you because it is you who wants to truly do it. Your partner will notice it eventually and may even forgive you for whatever has happened in the past.


Work On Your Relationship

Working on a relationship especially during crisis is something most of us dread. So much so that when the relationship sours, one gets the advice to “break off” and move on. This is because this is one of the easiest things to do. Understand your mistakes and try to rejuvenate yourself so that after all this, a new ‘you’ emerges that is full of positive ness. If you feel that you do not know how to regain lost love and attraction in a relationship, then the only way out is to work on your relationship. Just by speaking the truth or nor repeating your mistakes of the past will not help you get back the luster of the relation. You need to be consistent, patient as well as communicate with your partner to be able to come out of this crisis whether your bond is getting sour day by day or is not immaterial. You have to work on your romantic association from the day it starts. It only keeps it healthy and strong. Make small but effective gestures to win back the love and attraction.


In our quest to find out how to regain lost love and attraction in a relationship, what we fail to realize is that losing trust or love in a relationship does not happen overnight. It is a gradual and a slow process. Both our actions and thoughts behind them are responsible for it. Relationships are very fragile and are like Chinaware – once broken they sure can be mended but the crack is always visible.

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