When it all started, I can guess how you felt about the new development that just took place in your life – You felt like the luckiest girl in the world. You felt butterflies in your stomach each time his presence is expected. You also became a gist freak as you are always busy narrating the goings-on in the newly born relationship. How is it right now? Is he still the man you knew him to be – the romantic, loving and charming man that always took your breath away? I guess not.


He has become the man who is always late to a date; the one who calls you whenever he wants to be with you; the one who after making a plan to do something with you, but will not keep to the plan or cancels it at the expense of what you want; you call and he did not pick up but never returned the call; sometimes he eats out without you or comes home late without letting you know about his whereabouts; he also perhaps has become the one who no longer take you out on a date as he used to.

When things like this begin to happen, there is just one sentence that explains the entire scenario. “You have lost your power in the relationship.” There are a lot of things that you, as a woman, need to known for you to have a fulfilling love life and how you can regain your power in your relationship.

Most times, ladies painstakingly go the extra mile to ensure they gather enough knowledge before getting this stage of their life underway – learning by examples and from the experiences of people who have been in the field for quite a long time for instance, seeking the advice of parents, aunts and other people whom they think are in a position to give a helpful advice. Here is a guide that can save you from all that.

A question most women will never stop asking themselves is “why do men’s love fade away instead of getting stronger?” This has just one simple answer for me, “because you let them.” The had-I-known cries women cry at advanced stage of their relationship with a man is usually set up at an early stage. So now that you are still beginning with him, what are the things that you need to do to preserve your power from slipping away in future?

Step 1 – What was that in you that got him? Make him hunger for it

If you cannot provide answers to the above question, you must make effort to find out. A lot of women put their powers in relationships in jeopardy because of the inability to answer the above question. What attracted a man to you is basically the primary thing he needs from you; whether your body, your wealth, your success or your character, all can help you in this fight.

When you make a man hunger for that which he love to get from you most, he will give up anything just to have that. Sex is the most effective here and you have got to use it. Note that this does not give you the authority over him, he still is the man.

Step 2 – Act like you can move on quickly after a break up

Breaking up is a part of every relationship. In fact, I will encourage you to experience one with him. It provides a perfect opportunity for you both to think and decide what you want. Pretend to have considered everything to be the past and hook up with some other man out there and make him notice that. If he is really the right man for you, this will not stop him from coming back for you. I promise you, if he comes back for you, he is ready to submit, which by no doubt means you having what you already have – your power.

Step 3 – Punish him when necessary

When your man gets out of the line with his habitual action that gets you goat and in extreme cases, keeps you emotionally deranged, a little punishment with what you think he cannot do without can make him understand that you have most of the say as long as the relationship is concerned. Most women deny their men sex so as to put them in their right place. I am not degrading the men here but just telling you the fact. This has in most cases yielded favourable results for desperate women.

Women are so privileged when it comes to relationships. The command the dynamics and are always the ones to gain more. Men are meant to sacrifice a lot of things on the altar of getting a taste of the goodies that comes with being in love with a woman. What keeps women in this position is their power. A woman loosing it can result in a sorry relationship.