The internet is one invention that both the young and the old accepted. Many schoolchildren nowadays have access to the internet because there are a lot of online learning video games for various school subjects. Despite the benefits they derive from the internet, the internet still has its ugly side. Many schoolchildren, adolescent and undergraduate and graduates were victims of cyber crime. So, it is important that you protect your child from cyber crime as you allow the child the use of the internet. It can be easy to prevent your child from being a victim of cyber crime if you know what to do and how to go about it. Here are some of the things you should do in order to protect your child from internet crime.

Install parental control software in your child's laptop or mobile device

Studies have shown that 56% of adolescent within the age range of 16 years and above hide their online activities from their parents. No matter how shrewd and smart you are as a parent, it will be difficult for you to know your child's online activities if the child does not want you to know. But with this software, you can easily control your child's activities. These software apps come with a number of features. There are some that do not only keep record of the online activities of a child but also prevent the child from accessing sites and materials that you don't like. Some software apps do not allow searches on certain keyword. Some websites can send you text message to alert you anytime the child is attempting to access restricted operations. It is left for you to check the various software apps and choose the one that has the features you want.

Keep the computer in a common areas

Do not allow your children to use computers in their room in order to prevent them from doing certain things that you will not like as a parent. If you buy a computer for your child or children, you have to keep it in a common. Your presence or the presence of you spouse or any other person will help to limit the activities of the child.

Tell your child to seek for permission before clicking on anything

You should limit what your child downloads from the internet. There are a lot of ads,  banners and games in the internet. But some of them are not from genuine sources. Some are created by sexual predators that target children. But if you control what your child click on or download, you will be able to stop your child from being a victim of these criminals. Besides, some of these games downloaded from the internet are spyware and hardware. They can obstruct the enhance the functioning of your computer. Some can even spoil it completely.

Teach your child how to bookmark

Bookmarking helps online users to limit the time they spend on the internet. Spending less time on the internet is one of the ways of avoiding cyber crime. So, you have to teach your child how to bookmark to make the use of the internet very easy for him.

Limit the time they spend online

You should set limit on the number of hours your child should spend online on daily basis. Secondly, do not allow them to surf the internet during certain hours of the night. Always limit the time they can use the internet at night. Children should not be allowed to surf the internet for a long. Stop them when they have reach the timeframe they are allowed.