Is Future Predictions possible? This question and possible answer to it has created a billion dollar market of astrologers, palmist, crystal readers, tarot readers etc. Some people are so much deep into it that they would not move a step ahead without consulting there gurus. On other hand there are people who simply refuse to believe in such things and never care about the future too. But the only thing that remains static in this whole process is Future and inability of the normal person to make that prediction. How to Predict future, Is future Predictions Possible, how to predict my future, Is prediction of future even within reach of normal human being, this and many other question has remain unanswered even till now.


Life is so complex at times that we become totally helpless in hand of the consequences. Every time a hope of better future makes us restless and resort to things which give us small comfort or confidence. It does not matter how the future eventually turns out to be, because it has to happen, but a little knowledge of it give peace to our mind. In whole process, a prediction of a good or bad outcome goes a long way to affect the morale and our preparedness for the future.

How to Predict the Future


Before we even start, why anyone would even like to Predict the future


1)     It gives them something to think about

2)     It help them live in favorable dreams

3)     It rests their curiosity


And what they do to make that prediction


1)     They start to study on their own

2)     They go to astrologers, palmist etc.

3)     They don’t even mind asking and believing anyone who has little knowledge of it.


And, if the outcome is Positive


1)     They feel happy about it

2)     They derive peace of mind

3)     They seem to already win the game of life



On other hand if the outcome is negative


1)     It affects their moral

2)     They Quit even before trying

3)     They make a half hearted try


The Big Point to notice here is that

1)     The battle is not fought

2)     The effort is not made

3)     The game has not even begun


And people want to come directly to it or know the outcome even before the swords get crossed.


That’s Absurd. That’s Cowardice.


Be a Warrior. And the only answer if you ever want to know on "How to Predict Future" is–>


The Best Way to Predict Future is to Influence it.

Yes, Influence the Future. Forget customary solutions


1)     Work Hard

2)     Play the Game

3)     Defeat everything that comes on your way


The more you are prepared for the final fight, The more is the probability of the final outcome in your favor


 You=More Prepared for future


Future= Becomes more prepared in your Favor


Your Mantra


How To Predict Future = Influence it


Start Rocking.


Photo Credit- Sapo Essay

How to Predict the Future