If you are moving home and you are doing the packing by yourself, the kitchen may be the most difficult room to clear and pack the items inside it. This is because a lot of items both small and large ones are used in the kitchen. You may even hire a professional to disconnect some devices you use in the kitchen such as dishwasher and gas. However, despite being difficult, you can always pack the items in your kitchen. Here are some tips to help you arrange and pack the items in your kitchen before the mover you hire arrives.

Sort and select items to make packing easier

  • Before you start packing, you have to first determine the items you will move with and those that you will not move. It can be difficult to decide which item to move and those to give out because virtually all the items in your kitchen are useful. However, there are certain points to take into consideration in order to make such decision. You should calculate the cost of moving any item and the cost of buying a new one in your new location. If moving with an item is more expensive, then you have to give it our and buy a new one in your new location. You should consider how much space you have in your new kitchen. If it is more spacious than the old, it means that you will need more items to equip. In this case, you have to move with as many items as possible. But if it is not spacious as the old kitchen, you have give out some of your items because you will not have enough space to accommodate all of them.
  • Another factor that you should consider before you decide what to move with is the plug shape as well as the voltage of the location you are moving to if you are moving to abroad or different state. If the voltage or plug type differs from the one used in your current location, there is no point going with the appliances because you may not be abel to utilize them there. You have to either sell them or give them out.
  • Also find out what and what are allowed in your new location. Some countries regulate food items that are brought into them. For example, in California, food items are not allowed to be brought it. There are other countries that do not allow food items and groceries. So, find out what and what are allowed or not allowed. Pack all those that are allowed.

Packing the items

Get your boxes ready. Secure the doors of your kitchen cabinet. If it is removable and you want to move it, ask your mover whether you can pack some items inside it. Some movers may allow that while some don't. If you are allow to pack some items inside cabinet storage, then you have to remove breakable items from it. The right type of boxes for packing of kitchen utensils are small size boxes so that it can be easy to carry. Put heavy items and canned food first and then put light item on top. In this way, you will prevent the light items from breaking.

The above are some of the tips to apply when preparing your kitchen for a house move.