Before you set out to learn how to organize your life, let us know the ‘why’ of it by real life story of Amy and Betty, two close friends, who are way apart in terms of their self organization habits.


Amy used to wear a harassed look every morning. Her colleagues at the office often wondered what had been troubling her. Hence, her trusted friend and colleague Betty decided to pay her a personal visit to find out what was bothering Amy. One look at Amy’s house was sufficient to make Betty realize the beleaguered look on her friend’s face. As she had small children, Amy’s house was stuffed with all sorts of childcare goodies, but hardly any place to keep them. As a result, the whole house remained topsy-turvy and even finding the most basic things as a toothpaste and toothbrush were an ordeal for Amy.


On the contrary, Amy’s friend Betty was much more organized and hence, a lot more successful as a working woman and a homemaker. So she decided to help her friend by helping her arrange her house. Like Amy, many working people are often faced by the problem of clutter both at work and home. A lot of them are stressed out as most of them are unable to locate the most important documents or things just because of their disorganized ways. The need of the hour is to get rid of this clutter by getting organized, sorting out things and placing them where these should actually be.


How to organize your life:

This is a big question that you may face at some point or the other in your life. Organizing your life may seem to be a tough or tedious job, but it is not as difficult as it sounds. All you have to do is be a little inventive about it. For instance, if your table at the office is full of files with hardly any place to store them, one can get rid of the ones with which he or she is already through. This will help in reducing more than half of the mess on the table. The files that are still to be seen can be stashed on one side of the table.


Surplus files, if still needed, can be put away in a small file cabinet or even near the table if no file cabinet is available. One should try to finish the pending work as quickly as possible and then remove the files. Putting off things can only make things worse for you and can also land you in a mess as far as your dealings with your seniors are concerned. How to organize your life may sound a challenging question if you can make sure that it is redressed by maintaining notes of your priorities.


This will help you tackle the jobs that need immediate attention, thus helping you become more organized. This can help ease up the mess on your table. Try making a schedule which you will adhere to everyday. This means you should chalk out a time table that includes a time for office, a team for meals, a time for relaxation, a time for exercising, time to spend time with the family and also a time to do all the extra chores that you are expected to perform both at home and at office.


How self organization habits can change your whole life:


You will be surprised at the way in which it will help you lead an organized life style. As far as home management is concerned, such schedules can help working women like Amy. Ever since Betty helped her arrange her home and chalk out a daily schedule, Amy finds life a lot more enjoyable and easy than ever before. Now every morning she turns up at her office with a smile on her face instead of the tired look that she had become synonymous with.


As far as managing a home is concerned, getting a room organizer can help you get rid of the mess that has been bothering you. An organizer is nothing but an amalgamation of a few cupboards and shelves. You can use this to arrange some of the things that have been lying scattered in your house and make it look cleaner and much more organized.


What if you do not have time to look after this aspect of life:


If you are still in a quandary trying to figure out how to organize your life, you can benefit by hiring or request someone to help you. This can prove to be very helpful if you are busy. That hired help or helping hand can assist you when you are either working at an extremely challenging project or are too busy dealing with a family crisis to be able to deal with regular issues as cooking and cleaning.


If you are working in a team or have a family of young adults, who are always willing to help you out, you can schedule your tasks and divide these among them, which will prove to be very helpful to you. How to organize your life may sound like a daunting prospect, but it can be fun if you plan things out in a way that make your life less stressful and more enjoyable.


This post is by Mukesh

Picture- Fran Simó