If your partner snoops around you, it is a sign that he or she does not fully trust or a sign that something is wrong some where. If you examine your relationship with him or her, you will discover that there is something that you are doing which he is not comfortable with. If you have not been having any extra-marital affairs and yet your spouse snooping, there are certain things that you should do in order to put an end to such a behavior. Here are some of the things to do to stop your partner from snooping around your activities.

Avoiding having strong relationship with an opposite

It is in the nature of man to jealous. Though some people may claim that they are not a jealous lovers, in reality, it is difficult to find any person that will feel at ease when their partner maintain relationship with the opposite sex. Having a relationship with the opposite does not mean that one is having an affair with these friends. However, there is always a limit that you can go in these relationship. If you exceed these limits, your partner will definitely become jealous and suspicious. Even without knowing it, he or she will begin to snoop around you in order to find out what you normally do with these friends. So, mind how you keep opposite sex friendship if you do not want your partner to snoop around.

Live an open life

One of the reasons why some most married couple snoop around their spouses is because they feel that their spouses have something to hide. This feeling and suspicion arise when you don't answer all calls before your partners or when you hide the passwords to your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, ATM and others from your husband. If you make appointments with other people especially with an opposite sex without telling your spouse or if you go about your business without letting him or her know your whereabout. The truth is that nobody will be comfortable with secrecy in marriage. So, you should be willing to reveal yourself to your partner and give full account of what you to your partner.

Avoid going to parties and bars alone

If you are the partying type or if you like going to bar, you will end up making your husband or wife to snoop around. Your spouse will definitely not feel comfortable when you are out there alone in the party or bar. He or she may want to know what you are doing in the party or who you hang out with during the party. Secondly, if you go to party with your partner, you should try to be together. Don't leave your partner and go elsewhere. If you must leave, then you should let him or her know your whereabout otherwise, he or she will become suspicious.