How To Make Your Husband Feel Special

Relationships are very important in every person's life. One of those relationships is a marriage relationship; which is a very sensitive and loving relationship. However, in due course because of certain household responsibilities the couples tend to give less time to each other and foresee their interests. This leads to cold relationships. A marriage relationship needs to be nurtured to keep it everlasting. And when the onus comes on wife, the ways to make the husband feel special becomes all the more important.


Every individual wants appreciation to keep up his/her place in the society and wants to be something special. In the same manner even in a marriage relationship your husband wants a special place and expects some appreciation. As a woman expects compliment from her spouse so does a man from his wife but he does not express it out. The minor tiffs which arise in the family are due to lack of understanding between husband and wife and lack of giving proper time. Because of this lacuna, both of them feel dejected and start misunderstanding one other. Appreciating your husband for tiny things makes him feel better and encourages him in being more dedicated to his family. Thus the next big question that comes is how to make husband feel special.


This need not be done with beautiful sentences. But can be done with a soft touch or a kind word. It makes him to think that you are considering him.


Here are some tips which give you an idea how to do so: 


·        Elders always say that “a way to a man's heart is through his stomach". So cook his favorite meal. After having a hectic day, when your husband comes home and sees that you have cooked his favorite meal then he feels delighted. He might also thank you for that. This is one of the best way to make your husband feel special.


·        Do not tell him about some problem which you attended to in the house or some where else immediately after he comes from work place.  First see to it that he is relaxed after coming home, ask him about his day and things he has done in the office. Lend your ear to what he says. If you feel that he has done something incorrect or acted in an egoistic way in the office, do not say it immediately. When he is in a cool mood then tell him about the problem which you faced or give him your opinion about the work he attended to.


·        Men always feel elated when they know that his wife is happy with him. So give him that opinion that he's doing a good job. Misunderstandings are very common between two different people. But you can always settle them with your cool demeanor. Compliment him for some job he has done in the house which was not possible with you. Your husband feels better and put in some more time with you and the family. Make him feel special by making this happen in front of his eyes.


·        Do not use painful words against your husband in front of him or your family members particularly when you and children are good in his company. Never berate him in public. When it comes to making your husband feel special this is a strict no at all cost.


·        Marriage relationships always stand on the amount of support which one gives to the other (emotionally and physically). Ensure your husband that you will stand by him during his bad situations and be his partner in joy and happiness. Some women have the habit of cribbing in front of their husband for small and petty things. By doing this they weaken the marriage bond and lead to failed marriage. Being with him forms the core of How to make your husband feel special.


For a successful marriage understand your husband and his needs, and try to be his soul mate. It is always said that marriage bond gets strengthened with simple adjustments and showering love. This is like a never fading flower, which takes the shape of a bud during the early years but gives a beautiful fragrance in the coming years. Particularly during the old age this is the best company and support.



With a strong marriage relationship, the couple gives a good meaning to a relationship and a good world without any egoism, negativities, jealously and quarrels, because the children of the couple lead their parents and take them as their role model. Always be at your best in term of love and care and this in itself will make the husband feel special about him.



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  1. Your article is an eye opener to the present generation gala's.  The tips given are mind blowing.
    Marriage is not merely a physical bond but a chemical bond of two souls. 
    I appreciate u from the depth of my heart.     Sky is the limit. Keep on adding a few more tips to
    make one's home happy.

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