Figuring out how to make people like you is a real hassle. I believe that there is a true art in making people like you. There are some simple tricks you can use that may prove useful if you want to get other people to like you. Of course there is no full proof way of getting people to like you, but maybe you will find as I have, that you can do a lot of things in order to get people to feel more close to you. I hope this short list of advice you find in the paragraphs below will prove useful for you:

1.      Smile. This is one of the easiest things you can do if you want to know how to get people to like you. For the majority of people who have a problem in connecting with others this is usually one of the reasons. Try to make a conscious effort and see how much of the time during a conversation you smile. I believe you will find that it isn’t very much and if you analyze in the same way, the most liked person at the table you will find that it is the person who smiles the most. Of course you shouldn’t fake the smile because that is counter productive but you should make an effort and appear more cheery, and people will respond to that.

2.      Find out if people are captivated by your conversation One thing you shouldn’t do if you want to learn how to make people like you is to bore them. And you have to figure out if people are genuinely interested in what you are talking about or if they are just polite and want to get leave as soon as possible. Studies have shown that you can figure this out by crossing your arms during a conversation. If the other person is genuinely interested he or she will do the same, if not, it means that they are bored and that you should end the conversation as soon as you can and apologize if you have bored them. This will make them see that you get how they feel and that will make them warm up to you.

3.      Appease people who don’t seem to like you. Another interesting study published recently has shown that a very easy way to get somebody who isn’t fond of you to like them is to ask if you can borrow a pencil or pen. Although it seems improbable, this will make the other person feel somehow closer to you, and their initial feelings may disappear.

4.      Be optimistic. Nobody likes a pessimist. If you have negative thoughts try to keep them for yourself. When you are in the presence of others always try to be happy and cheery. You have t be the one who has faith that everything will turn out alright, not the one who keeps saying that the world is heading for complete annihilation.   

5.      Try to be of help whenever you can. You should always offer you help to anybody who needs it, but you have to remember that some people might take advantage so you have to watch out. But, most people will appreciate your offer greatly, even if you have nothing to help them with, but the gesture will mean a lot to them. And a sure way to score some points with anybody is to help them when they really need it. Not when it is convenient for you, but when it is really urgent for that particular person.

6.      Be a good listener. One almost full proof way of getting people to like you is to be a good listener. Most people want to talk about themselves, but most of the time they don’t have to whom to talk too. So you should always try to get people to talk about themselves, about their problems, about their family, and they will instantly feel like they have a connection with you. This is a great way to learn how to get people to like you.

7.      Don’t be rude. This almost goes without saying, but it is extremely important that you remember you shouldn’t make fun of others or of certain situations, because some people around you may find that offensive and will hate you for it, and in the end, influence others.

I hope this small list f tips was useful for you. I have tried it myself, and I can say that these simple things which you can change about yourself will go a long way in understanding how to get people to like you. Also, something that is worthwhile remembering is that you should never try to be fake, people will much rather warm up to you for being honest about yourself. 

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