How to Make People Do What You Want Them to Do

How to Make People Do What You Want Them to Do is more of an art than science. This is not something which you get taught in your high school or learn from your parents. You learn this either through your own experience or through some formal training by studying books or attending classes. The magic lies in practicing the art over and over again and then mastering what works for you. How we succeed in life depends a lot on how we interact with our environment. It is an ability to identify which part of our environment works best for us and then putting it into work for long terms gains.


As always we start with analyzing our current behavior and then see what we lack in our approach. The next part is to understand what would work in particular situation and then working hard to master it for future use. So let’s start by asking the basic question to ourselves

What do you normally say to other person when you want to get your work done from him

1)    You talk about how important the work is for you

2)    You talk about how you are stuck in the deadlines

3)    You even at times talk about the consequences if it is not done on time.

So when you do that You

1)    Emphasize the importance of task to you and not him

2)    Emphasize on deadlines that matter to you not him

3)    Empathize on consequence which you might face but now him.

Essentially when you do that, have you ever wondered what other person might be thinking about you………Let me tell you what he thinks

1)    Every bloody task you give me is important

2)    You always talk about deadlines to which I don’t give a damn

3)    You deserve what you would face, why the hell I should be concerned about it

How to get your work done

How to get your work done

He is right, if you had been in his place you would have thought in the same way because

1)    Everyone has their own problems in life

2)    Everyone has their own aspirations in life

3)    Everyone gets driven by their own motivations and not that of others


The situation would have been different if you would have talked about

1)    The importance of task to him not you

2)    The importance of deadlines to him and not you

3)    The benefits or drawbacks of timelines to him than you


Yes, Never talk about yourself, Think of the other person

1)    Think how you can motivate other person

2)    Think how you can show value to other person

3)    Think how you can make other person successful rather than yourself.



1)    You need to create a willingness

2)    You need to create a want

3)    You need to create an enthusiasm


1)    You need to be polite

2)    You need to be forceful when you talk of his success

3)    You need to be energetic to create same energy in him


So, the situation would have been different if you would have talked about

1)    How in past he has helped you with excellent work

2)    How in past he has always been a hero to set benchmark for others

3)    How with this task he can prove that he has got the style to achieve big results for the company


Try It, See the Magic

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  1. Great article :)

    Keep up the nice work

    – Chris

  2. Not magic at all. My initial reaction is “Not no, but hell no.” Unless there’s some sort of substancial tangible benefit to me, just go away and leave me alone. Praise from you, as a co worker doesn’t count as tangible or substancial.

  3. I think the human mind is very difficult to predict. I said that because humans are not the same and it's difficult to make people to do what they want to do. However, these questions seems to be very clever and are able to make people to do what they do. Best regards, James

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