In the previous article, we dealt on how to be a good math student. Being a good math student is one thing and another thing is learning mathematics in school. Here, we will look on how to learn and solve problems in mathematics easily. Mathematics is a course that you have to learn one after the other and step by step. If you miss a step, you will not be able to follow in the next step. Given this, it should not be studied like any other subjects. It has to be followed sequentially before any progress can be made. If a student starts with hard topics or advance branch of math, definitely, he will not be able to do well and he will not follow. The consequence is obvious. The student will drop the math and go over to other subjects without achieving his targets. If you want to be learn math in school, here are the steps to follow.

Start with arithmetic

Arithmetic is a necessary part of mathematics. It could be said to be the fundamental or the basics. This is why virtually in all curricula of elementary grades, pupils begin with problems in arithmetic. It is all about simple addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. If you master the basics of arithmetic, you will be able to do well in other branches of math. If you are not able to do simple calculation. you will not be able to do well in order branch. This is why it is necessary that you start learning math with arithmetic and when you have mastered the basis of arithmetic, you can move over to other courses. The best way to learn arithmetic is by working on drills. This means solving numerous arithmetic problems repeatedly. 

Use arithmetic teaching aids

There are a number of videos and software applications on arithmetic designed to help students learn it easily. These applications are designed by experts. So, you can get one and make use of it. It will help you to learn easily and quickly. Arithmetic drills are also available in the internet. Search for it and download. You can even find free ones.

Continue with pre-algebra 

Now that you have mastered the fundamentals of arithmetic, you have to continue with pre-algebra problems such as fractions, decimals, ratio, basic geometry, basic statistics and others. The problems in these courses will help to prepare you for solving bigger and more difficult problems in algebra and other branches of mathematics.

Move to algebra

If you take the pre-algebra problems seriously and you are able to master them, you are ready to solve problems in algebra.  The first thing to learn here is the basics and symbols used in solving problems in algebra. The knowledge of these will help you to be able to tackle further problem in algebra because as you progress from one stage to another, you will make use of them. 

Start geometry

Geometry is another branch of mathematics that most students don't like because it deals with lines, angles, shapes and segments which may be very abstract for them. The tricks lies in starting well with the above steps. It will be easier for you to solve problems in geometry if you start well.

Remember the tricks and tips about being a good student. Don't stay away from class, pay attention to the teacher as he solves the problems in the class, solve along with him, ask questions for clarification in case you don't understand anything, do maths every day and do your assignment the same day it was given. With the above tips, you will be able to do solve problems in math easily and perfectly well.