A good relationship is supposed to be mutually beneficial or symbiotic. None of the parties in a relationship whether a man or woman should suffer. However, experience has shown that some people are into parasitic relationship. Their partners can best be described as parasites lynching them to death even without their knowing it. A parasitic relationship is a type of relationship in which only one person benefits from the relationship while the other person suffers. If you are into such a relationship, the best way to handle it is to quite completely because your partner does not love you. There are signs that will show you whether you’re in a parasitic relationship. Here are signs to find out.

Take note of what you people do together

Parasites rarely get away from the body of the host. They are always around the host. The same thing happens when you are in a parasitic relationship. If your partner likes doing everything with you or cannot do anything or go anywhere without you, then you are in a parasitic relationship. You don’t have any moment of privacy. The person is always with you. This is not good for a healthy relationship. It is different from close bond.

Maintaining the same friends with you

It is good for your partner to get to know your friends. However, there should always be limit to that. If your partner suddenly abandon his or her friends before you met him or her and start following your friends or even going out with them when you are not around, you should be on your alert. It may be an indication of parasitic relationship. Sometimes, it is a strategy of maintaining permanent relationship with a person. If you have the same friends with your partner, it means that you will keep meeting with the person even if you people break up.

Always paying his or her bill

It is not bad helping friends especially when the person is cash trapped. However, if you discover that your friend always claims to be cash or will always want you to pay all his or her bill, then you should be careful with the person. As it has been said, a healthy relationship should be mutually beneficially despite differences in financial capability. But if you are the person taking care of all the needs of your partner without the person contributing for once, it is a sign that you are in a parasitic relationship.

Are you the person buying all the gifts?

People normally express their love for their partners and friends by buying gifts for them during special moments in their lives. If your partner does not buy you any gift during special events leaving it for you, then there is something wrong with the relationship. It is not mutually beneficially. Even if you are very rich, your partner should also show love by buying gifts in his or her own little way.

See if your partner is jealous of your other relationship

If your partner is not happy seeing you with other people, it may be a sign that you are in a parasitic relationship. He or she wants to own you completely.