Do you know how to kill with kindness? The world and we the most advanced and intelligent creatures of Nature exhibit many tendencies to differ other creatures and similar beings. Human are always driven by values at any point of time. Human means to help and be kind to others and civilization means to kindly help others so that they may grow up as we stand a moral support. Human beings are the only blessed living organism on the earth who can express their kindness and attitudes to all the other creatures that best follow them.

As we follow moral values, we understand that the most important and satisfying moral value is kindness. With kindness come all the other morals right from helping tendency to happiness. Being kind to someone is always insisted by Universal law. Of course kindness is the only aspect of human life, that stands to be an asset and which never ends off from being given.

Kindness is a virtue that can be extended to almost anything. There are many materialistic pleasures that most of the human beings follow up with. But kindness is one such property, which when held with, you can be extended to anything in this world.

The idiom – “Kill with kindness” means to exhilarate one with kindness such that he feels he has received the best of the kindness from anyone ever. When it says kill, it is not about killing someone but to make them feel the best at that point. There are many ways and many places that you can target off to kill someone with kindness.

1.      Critical Situation: Everybody in this world will have to face a lot of problems. Say for example, when your friend is facing one of the worst problems, he might need some consoling words and kindness flowered on him in that situation. Of course, this is what you can offer for free. All that might make it big is when you speak encouragingly and let him be assured of your presence around.

2.      Illness: Everybody in this world would have been ill at least once in the life time till date. There are many who put discouraging words and unfortunately knockout the persons confidence. A person with illness needs only care and your presence, if you really mean to them. You are not literally being kind to them as to what the word kind means. But a presence of you can be so filling that they might forget their illness and be okay with everything. This is how you can kill illness with your kindness.

3.      Kindness to everyone: This is a general issue. Life is to live with generosity. When life is not shared with others with values, it becomes really a waste. It is not that you need to be kind only to your people. Why restrict yourself when you have something that can be generously shown? A kind touch, the feel of the presence are the most beautiful and unexpressive things in this world.

4.      Kindness and its value: Kindness can be a simple value as in a context. But only the receiver feels the importance of such kindness than the giver. Even though money matters in any society, it only develops jealousy feelings in the minds of the people and not any true value. You will then become an instrument that is measured for its status. On the other hand, if you are kind enough to all the people, this will improve human value and others will feel it good to be with you all the time. In fact, that is why we are here for.


5.      Showing Kindness: Kindness can be shown in many ways. Say for example, a smile also represents kindness. In fact, a smile can be the best projector of kindness in this world. Nothing better than having a good smile when you see someone. In an industry situation, appreciations are the best way to show kindness. Any job can be done more perfectly by appreciation along with the resources. This appreciation tends them to work still better. Also an increment in their wages is a way to accept and appreciate their hard work and skills.


Showing Kindness is in fact an easy task but most of us are not used to it. This is because we learn to earn money and make businesses successful, yet we don’t know how to learn human values. We have become a victim of the society which never knows what human values are. Therefore, human value education has become very mandatory at many places. Although we are enriched with technical knowledge, they go only for money. Other than money, as a human, almost none of us have a valid point to be proud of. Parental approach to human value is very important.

Only when this kind of human value education improves, children will be taught to better create a human-bond with qualities like kindness, gratitude, generosity and satisfaction. We make money bonds now. Let our children make human bonds. This only is the ultimate end of terrorism and other anti human forces existing in this world. World is to live and live with kindness! Make the world a better place to live in.


Picture Credit-Idan Cohen

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