If you love your family, you should take good care of them. Taking good care of them is much more than providing them food. You should ensure that they eat better. Eating better here does not mean eating large quantity of food but making healthy choices for your family. Here are tips to help you make healthy choices for your family.

Vegetable and fruits

You should include vegetables and fruits in your family meal plan. Vegetables and fruits contain low calories but they are rich in nutrients. They also have enough water which makes you to feel fuller. Vegetables and fruits are rich sources of fibre which helot enhance bowel movement and improve congestion. Besides, they can be served in various ways such as fresh, canned or frozen. Regardless of the way they are served, they provide nourishment to the body because they contain a lot of minerals and vitamins. For each meal try to include a handful of fruits and vegetables.


Your family meal plan should contain enough protein. Protein plays important role in the body especially when it comes to body tissue repair. The rich sources of protein that you should add in your family menu are beans, soya beans, milk, chick, meat and fish. However, you should not consume excess of meat and the skin of poultry. They are not good to the body because they contain cholesterol. So, remove the skin of the poultry and use lean cuts.

Eat good fats

There are a lot of diet tips in the internet that suggests that people should not consume fats at all saying that their consumption will increase the fat content of your body and can make you to become obese. Fats are also blamed as the major cause of heart diseases. This may be true but not in all cases. You have to differentiate fats into two, good fats and bad fats. You should only avoid bad fats but consume good fats. Vegetable oils, olive oil, cod liver oil, sunflower oils, corn oil, canola and safflower oils and others.

Whole grains

You should include whole grains in your food because they are rich in dietary fibre. Good examples of good sources of whole grains are whole-wheat bread, brown rice, rye bread, oatmeal, popcorn and others.

Reading food labels

When you shop for your foods, you should check the labels to be sure of their contents. Some of the ingredients used in making groceries are allergy-causing. Don't buy any food substance that causes allergy to you or any member of your family. Foods have to be enjoyed and they should not cause us any problem.