There are a number of people who are victims of domestic violence.  Most cases of domestic violence would have been avoided if the victims know the right thing to do or how to avoid it. If your partnered is hot tempered or has tendency to abuse, there are tips that you can apply in order to avoid being abused by your partner. Here are some of the ways through which you can avoid it.

Know your partner’s personality or temperament

People’s behaviors and reaction to situations depend on their personality and temperament to a greater extent. It is the key to understanding a person’s behavior. So, if you are into any lifetime relationship or marital relationship, it is important that you understand your partner’s personality and temperament. If you understand him or her and why he or she reacts the way he or she does, you will be able to tell what will annoy him or her.

Don’t argue with him or her for a long time

If your partner is a hot tempered person or easily get pissed off, you should avoid engaging in hot argument with him or her for a long time. You will only end up getting him or her annoyed or starting a fight with the person if you argue too much with him or her. Just keep quiet and then make your point when the person is back to his or her sense or when the person is in a happy mood. Not engaging him or her in a hot argument does not mean that you will accept blame for what you are innocent of or that you will accept any treatment from the person. If you know that you are right, then you have to stand your right without engaging in too much argument with the person. Always make your point with soft voice.

Stay away from your partner when he is too annoyed

If you have an argument with your partner and he is very much annoyed with you, it is important that you stay away from the person until he calms down. Pass the night in your friend’s house and come back the next day when he might have calmed down. The situation might be worse if you sleep in the house.

Never you exchange words with him in the bedroom

Most domestic violence starts in the bedroom. The bedroom normally is located where neighbours will not see what is happening inside it. Besides, it is easy for the abuser to lock up the bedroom and beat you up. So, you should not argue with your partner in the bedroom to avoid being abused.

Call the police when it gets out of hand

When the situation gets out of your control or when it is clear to you that you will be abused, you have to call the police. Don’t wait until you are abused before you will call the police. The person will likely not abuse you, if he or she knows that you have called the police.

Quit the relationship

There is no need continuing in relationship that you will be abused for life. If there is no change in your partner’s abusive behavior, then you have to quit the relationship.