If you are traveling abroad or you are embarking on a long journey, it is important that you prepare very well for it so that you will not forget any essential thing. You will ensure that you include all the travel essentials in your luggage so that you will not be stranded on the way. There are certain things that you should do in order to ensure that everything is order. Here are some of the things to do.

Health and security

Whether you are travelling for vacation, conference or for any other reason, there is no doubt that you will not want to fall sick in the country. Becoming sick will make you not to enjoy your trip. This is the reason why you should take every necessary step to ensure that you are in full health during your stay in the country. You should visit your doctor for medical examination. Your doctor should give you all necessary medications including medications needed for emergency situations. Vaccinate yourself against some deadly infections like yellow fear, meningitis, typhoid fever, TB, malaria and others especially if you are traveling to a country with high records of these infections.

Find out from your insurance company, if it offers oversea health insurance. You can get the policy so that you will have fund to take care of your medical allowance.


Security here does not necessarily mean protection against physical injuries. It entails a lot of things including protection of your luggage, traveling documents, your life and the likes. So, you should ensure that you’re secured in all ramifications. Make copies of your passport and other traveling documents in case you lose the original. Don’t travel with all the copies. You should keep one of the copies at home in case all the copies are lost.

Register with the embassy of your country

When you enter the foreign country, try to register with the embassy of your country. This is important because if things go wrong, it will be easy for your government to get in contact with you or inform you about that.

Go with enough money

Definitely, you will become stranded if you don’t have enough money with you. You should try to travel with enough money. If the country you are traveling to is using a different currency from those of your country, you should look for a bureau de change in your country and change your money to the currency of the country you are travelling to before embarking on the trip. It will also be better for you to obtain a credit or debit card that pays holders in any currency. MasterCard is a typical example of such credit card.

Get all the tickets you will require

You should buy your traveling tickets (it is better and more affordable to buy going and return tickets at the same time), book for your accommodation and get any other tickets you will require on time. Put them together in a file.

Pack your luggage

Make a list of all the items you will require and include all the items one by one in your luggage.