Human mind is gifted with amazingly good thinking capacity. No other living thing has this power. With the help of our thinking capability, we can easily examine all the situations and then accordingly take the right decisions. But our mind can get confused at times and gets clear at the other moment. Even very intelligent people sometimes get confused in taking right decisions due to the lack of clarity in thoughts. Lack of clarity in thoughts is the biggest barrier in the way of success. Person who has clarity in thoughts is a winner and gets his goals.

Mental Exercise-Thinking is a mental work out. Our mind needs to have regular work outs to get the effectiveness. These are our thoughts which take us to the path of right decisions and help us to take the right actions. So, thinking is essential and critical part in getting success and happiness. It is like a foundation of our joy and happiness and maintains the flow of fine things in our lives. In order to get the clarity in thoughts, mental exercise is a must. It keeps our mind active and increases the power and makes us logical. Don’t forget the fact that mental exercises make our mind sharp and a sharp mind can have clarity in thoughts.


Adopting Good Habits- You can improve your thinking talent by adopting good habits. You can adopt habits like reading good books, playing games, any hobby, consultation, etc. Without having clarity in thoughts, the success becomes uncertain. So, unfortunately people get fail in achieving their desired aims. Even dedicated and sincere people fail due to lack of clarity in thoughts. Only hard labour and sincerity is not enough to get success. Hard labor should be followed by clarity in thoughts. Adopt good habits and get clarity in your thoughts. Reading good books enriches your thinking power.


Stay Focused- Though it’s not that much difficult to multitask. But if you are not getting clarity in thoughts, then you need slow down and stay focused on one thing at a time. Take one work at a time and give all your energy and focus on it. If you will stay focused on one thing at a time, you will be more cleared and your mind will easily capture new and effective ideas. Just because you will be focusing on one thing only. If your mind will be diverted in many directions then it will get confused and then the outcome will be very dull and not so much effective and impressive. After completing one task, get sure two-three times that you are done with this and after being sure completely move ahead and pick the other task. Follow this advice, and it will really work in getting clarity in thoughts.


Share your Ideas / Thoughts with someone-When you are getting confused over an idea and not getting clarity in thoughts then you need to share your idea or thoughts with someone you are close to. And it’s a great remedy to escape from confusion. It gives you clarity. Because in order to describe a complex situation or any of your idea with someone, you simplify things first of all in order to make them understand. Thus you yourself get the clarity. And the added benefit, if the person is having a sharp mind, you might get valuable feedback in return. So, you need not to get worry, whenever you get confused over an issue, just share it with any of your close pal or relative.


Are you confused?-It is very common that sometimes you confuse yourself to avoid taking important decisions. There could be many reasons. Sometimes you avoid taking responsibility, either you feel scared of or in lack of confidence that you cannot take right decisions. If it’s true then avoid thinking like this. Don’t confuse yourself and gain confidence. Be enough mature and capable in taking any decision and responsibility. When you will stop confusing yourself, you will be very clear in your thinking. You will be very capable to take any decision quickly and effectively.


At certain times, any complex situation or issue clouds on your thoughts and your capability of decision making. And we start seeking the guidance of experienced people and forget the fact that we are also experienced in the same way in the relevant field. It happens when we don’t have clarity in our thoughts. But if we handle the situation and issue effectively and take proper decision on time in order to avoid any more complex issues further, then it means we have enough clarity in our thoughts.


By following the above discussed simple steps, you will be mentally prepared to tackle any complex issue or problems. You should always be ready for the best and worst situation to face in the life. If you would have a very good exposure, good outlook and critical sense, then also you would have very clarity in your thoughts. So, don’t get confused over silly issues which you can handle very well. Have confidence in yourself and you will get clarity in your thoughts automatically.



Picture- Brian Lane Winfield Moore

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