How To Find Interest In Life Again

Life has away of teaching us, moulding us and shaping us. The difficult circumstances make us tough but on the other hand tragedy walks into our lives like a friendly enemy wrecking our personal and professional lives and throwing our otherwise peaceful, happy and routine lives out of gear. This tragedy can either make us or break us it is for us to choose. Death of a near or dear one, divorce, professional or financial loss and death of a dear one due to cancer and the list is endless. What happens to our interest and enthusiasm in life which gets drowned in memories of incidents that have occurred?


The wounds have healed but the scars remain. Nostalgic memories return to haunt us giving us sleepless nights. Our self confidence takes to a beating and above all we lose the interest to live our life once again.


                     We human beings are so psychologically tuned in to the saying’ Once bitten twice shy’ that the idea of making a small start or even a small attempt gives us cold feet.


We are so scared that we do not want to relive those moments of pain, loss and failure once again. The first and foremost thing that we should remember is that we should have a positive outlook on life. Just as we feed our body with nutritious food and exercise we must feed our mind with healthy thoughts and affirmations. Here are a few affirmations to bring back our lost interest and enthusiasm in life.


1. I am enthusiastic about starting afresh in life.


2. I love my life and want happiness for me and my family members back.


3. I am ready to move ahead in life.


4. I look at each day as a new beginning and a fresh challenge.


5 I am not afraid of obstacles that will come in my way.


6. I am ready to change every obstacle into a new opportunity.


7. I will never look back in my life.


8. I will thank God for whatever He has give me in life.


9. I will pray to God everyday


10. I will make exercise, diet and fitness my daily discipline and will persevere to be mentally and physically fit. 


The first and foremost thing that one should remember is that we should show a strong desire to bring back the positive change in our lives. That one basic thought is more than enough. The others include


·        Make good friends who will show genuine interest in your problem and help you through this bad phase.


·        Join a group or a club where people with similar problems are members. Spread positivity and goodwill amongst them.


·        Share your problem with people who really love you and care for you.


·        Exercise, diet and a fitness regime is of utmost importance as these are mood lifters and make us feel good about ourselves.


·        Do not allow external circumstances to decide whether you should be happy or not.


·        Start loving your life and be passionate about whatever you want to do in life.


·        Take up a hobby. Go back to the old days of painting, drawing, writing anything you really love that will leave you absorbed in work in a constructive way.


·        Do not wallow in self pity. We all have one life to live. Thank God for everything even the tragedy. It may be hard to do but prayers will make us more humble and very strong human beings.


·        Do not ask God ‘Why this should happen to me?’ Remember there are people who have faced the worst of tragedies and have overcome the most inconceivable obstacles and are winners in their own way.


·        Give everyone love and kindness and this will go a long way in ensuring that you make good friends in life. It is these good friends who stand by us like ‘Rocks of Gibraltar’ when our life’s boat is about to capsize.


·        Come closer to God. Talk to Him as He loves us and understands us.


·        Do not vent your anger and frustration on others for what has happened in your life because they are not responsible.


A popular saying ‘Time Is The Greatest Healer’. Allow time to heal your wounds. It may take a lot of time but it will eventually happen. Give yourself plenty of time to reflect, introspect, pray and soon you will find yourself being healed. You will soon start feeling lighter and happier.


If somebody has hurt you or given you a raw deal pray to God to give you the courage to forgive that person. Never ever nurse revenge. It will lead to more bitterness and hatred.


On the other hand if you have hurt somebody or have done something wrong do not hesitate to say ‘Sorry’. Last but not the least life with all its ups and downs is worth living as it is difficult being born a human being. Life is God’s gift so let us thank Him for it and make the most of it. Life is beautiful, lets make the most of it. Let everyday of your life blossom to your heart's desire. Go….. Life is calling you!!!!!!!             


This is a Guest Post by Sunitta Raman


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