Sometimes, we may have a romantic feeling to someone so special, but may be so difficult to tell the person how we feel. This syndrome is often observed much more in females than in males. In any case, this article will provide a means of achieving success. If something is not done about your love for the person, your feeling may not be brought into reality. How do you pass these messages through without telling them verbally? Read along.


How to accomplish this mission

  1. One of the ways of passing your romantic message is to engage them in physical contact by touching them on the shoulder, arm, thigh and knee as you chat together. It passes sensational information.
  2. Engage them often in direct eye contact and smile while you do that. It may be at a distance or at a close range, eye contact is key.
  3. Another beautiful idea is to formulate a nice nickname for them. It is advisable that you are the only one that calls the person the name. And when you call the name, do so with love, style and smile.
  4. Maintain personal contact with them daily. Make sure that on a daily basis, you put a call through to the person, send a text message, email, and make a comment about the person on social media like the Facebook etc. 
  5. Dress well, especially when you know that both of you will meet together. You can wear the cloth you think the person likes with a touch of a nice perfume, if possible.
  6. Never have a boring moment with them whenever the person is around. Initiate a discussion and ask for the person’s opinion. Discussion brings both of you closer to each other which may continue to ring in the person’s mind even while both of you are apart.
  7. It is very germane to remember their special days like their birthdays and some other memorable days that can be celebrated or remembered. When these days are remembered, they feel so special and loved.
  8. Even if you don’t like their friends, for their sake, let their friends be your own friend as well. Their friends could be instrumental in connecting both of you together and even do the major work on your behalf having noticed your actions.
  9. Get to know and commit to your memory their phone numbers, email addresses, social media login ids. They feel very much special that they are in someone’s heart by this fact.
  10. Always appreciate their appearances anytime you see them. Find something to appreciate about them. May the dress, perfume or something else. They are always thrilled by this.
  11. When you walk together, try to hold their hands and do some play with it. For an instance, you can gently squeeze the hand down the knuckles.
  12. Always welcome and say goodbye to them by hugging them and a gentle kiss or peck on their cheeks. Welcome and goodbye must not only be done verbally.