Everybody desires to have good breath and avoid bad breath. Going about with bad breath can affect your social life. There is nothing embarrassing keeping the people with you uncomfortable anytime you talk with them. Bad breath is a spoiler of social life and interaction. If you don't want anything to affect your social life, you should enhance your breath. There are a lot of things you can do in order to enhance your breath. Here are tips to enhance your breath.

Brush and floss your teeth on regular basis

One of the things that you should do in order to avoid having bad breath is to ensure that you brush and floss your teeth twice everyday. When you eat and drink, there are some particles of foods and drinks that are left on your teeth. If you don't brush and floss your teeth on regular basis, the food particles will gradually accumulate and this will create favorable conditions for plague to grow in your mouth. The bacteria will not all only cause you tooth decay, it will also affect your breath. As the food particles decay on the tooth, they will produce awful smell making your teeth to smell when you talk.

Clean your tongue always

What happens on the teeth also happens on the tongue. The tongue is used to roll and turn the food being masticated so that saliva will touch it properly. As it is turning and rolling the food, particles are left on it and the build-up of food particles will become a harbor for bacteria. The food particles will decay and this will make you to have bad breath. In order to avoid build-up of food particles, you should also clean your tongue as well. If you clean only your teeth, you have not done anything. The right tool to use for cleaning your tongue is tongue scraper.

Don't each food that sour your teeth

The major culprits here are garlic and onion especially garlic. People eat them because of their medicinal value. However, their odor is very offensive. Even after brushing up when you eat them, you will not be able to eliminate the odor because they contain volatile substances that enter the bloodstream and get to the lung. When you talk or breath, you  will perceive the odor and the person next to you will also perceive the odor. So, if you want to improve your breath, you should not consume the food. If you must eat them, then you have to do it at night. There are ways through which you can reduce the odor. Don't eat them without alone. Use them as spice.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is not just very bad to general well being, it also destroys your gum and teeth. It will give you bad breath resulting from gum and teeth decay it damages. It also de-colors your teeth. So, you a habitual smoker you should make effort to avoid smoking. You can buy over-the-counter nicotine patches in order to reduce your craving for smoking. You should visit a doctor to provide you with help.

The above are just few things you should do in order to enhance your breath.