How to Dress Up Jeans


Jeans are perfect wears for casual outing, night out with friends, romantic date and the likes. It is not meant to be used for any formal occasion. Though, it is meant for casual outing, you can always look cute if you are able to match the right pair. Here are some tips to apply to help you dress up jeans.


Choosing the right jeans

What is important here is knowing the right jean to dress up. If you are confused about the right colour of jeans to choose, you should opt for the darker shades especially if you are going for a casual business occasions. Such colour of jeans is more formal and looks nicer than lighter colours. However, this does not mean that you should not put on light to medium wash jeans. They are good as well but in terms of more appropriateness, the dark colour jeans are better.


Boot or straight-leg jean or any other classic cut are more versatile than skinny jeans. So, if you are looking for something that goes for all circumstances, then you should consider putting on classic cut rather than skinny jean which works only for few circumstances.


If you are going for colored jeans, then you have to be very careful when making your choices. You should not go for bold and funky colors. The reason for this is quite obvious. Bold colored jeans can easily go out of fashion or season and it is more difficult to use or match them with the right colours than black or white jeans.

Say no jeans with tears and holes

There are some styles of jeans that have holes and tears. Such styles of jeans are not good for all types of outing. It will be difficult for you to accomplish dressy styles with those types of jeans.

Choose jeans that fit properly

Jeans today are available in a number of styles and designs. Each of these designs and styles are good but they go with each figure. Don't just buy a jean simply because it is in vogue or in season. Just buy a pair of jeans that fits you properly or that goes well with your figure. Baggy loose jeans are not good for dressing up.

Choosing the right top

Now that you have chosen the right jeans, it is important that you pick the right shirt or top that matches with the style and color of jeans that you will want to wear. Here are some tips to help you make the right option.

Go for plain, t-shirt or tank top. This type of top goes well with sparkly shoes, tailored jackets and other fashion accessories. If you are going for a more professional occasion and you would like to dress up in jeans, you have to go for a classic button-down plain colored T-shirt. You can also wear a blouse made from elegant materials such as chiffon or silk. 

You will always look cute, if you make the right choice using the this given.