Your living room is the centre of house social life. It is there that you receive your visitors. It is the centre of your family entertainment life. So, it is important that you keep it clean and decorate it very well. Your living room should be decorated in such a manner that it should offer the maximum comfort to any person staying in the room. It should be functional and beautiful. Below is the tips to apply in order to decorate your living room.

Determine the center of living room

The first thing you should do is to determine the centre of your living room. It could be the TV stand and all the entertainment devices around. The fireplace especially the fireplace that serves as the TV stand or that comes with spaces for the keeping of your entertainment gadget can be the centre of your living room. Whether it is the aquarium or your TV stand that is the center of your living room attraction, it is important that you decorate it very well. Buy the best TV stand your money can afford. If your living room is not spacious to accommodate large TV stand, you have to buy a wall mount TV and console. You can also buy corner TV stand and place your TV there. Keep floor pots around the TV stand to enhance the beauty of your TV.

Create some space in your living room

It is not proper to congest your living room with gadgets. When you are buying entertain gadget, it is necessary that you consider the the size of your living. It is good to have different kinds of entertainment gadgets in order to make your living room rich. But that does not mean that you should congest your living room with gadgets. Buy as much as that will allow you and the members of your family some space to socialize. You may also need the space for some other things. Apart from play, your living room can serve as your dining room as well.

Richly decorate and furniture your living room

Your living room is one part of your home that should be richly furnished. This is because the first impression your visitor have about you is the look of your living room and so, you have to furnish it very well. Look for the best living room furniture such as upholstered seats, coffee tables and others. You should also keep some framed pictures that will serve as memorability and attract visitors in your living room. You can also make your living room look more attractive by putting some artwork in it.

Your living room color

You have to choose the paint color to use on your living room wisely. It should match with the color of other articles of furniture in your living room. The color of the paint should match with the color of the curtain, upholstery fabric and other pieces of furniture in your living room. However, you should avoid  having color throughout. You have to use accent colors for a better mix.