How To Deal With Mean People

How to deal with mean people is an art that you have to master to create a niche for yourself in this fiercely competitive world. You will agree that you have to exist in this world amidst people from all lifestyles. There can also be mean people. Relationship Management is what you should be able to offer your clients, external or internal. You may easily pass a comment at others but find it difficult to digest when remarked at you by people.     


The world does not provide any relief to those emotionally disturbed by people. You simply have to fight it out yourself. Few people have time to internally appreciate how their opinion may have adverse effects on other’s life. Majority do not even think before uttering their internal opinions. Hence, the internal feeling must come within you regarding the procedures to deal with such mean people.


You should first be clear with yourself. Have a list of your personal and professional priorities in life. Depending on your occupation and family background, you will have to get adapted to hear comments from mean people. The more we start to make categories of people, the difficult it becomes for us to place them in the right category. Who are we to judge mean people? Are we certified to do so?


You should take preventive measures to ensure that mean people are not disturbing you. Initially you can be polite to express your opinion to the person concerned. They “desire attention.” Hence, you should not enter into any confrontation, as that will only help them get what they want. Laughter is the best medicine to many problems. You can be humorous in reply to remarks made by mean people; to reflect their comments has lightly been taken. This acts as a setback to them. Their intention to hurt you has failed.


You should learn to start ignoring the mean people. You may join a reputed organization on getting a prospective offer. At a business party, you meet an old colleague of yours who had also applied for the same job. It is obvious that the person will not be happy with your new prospects. The person may try   commenting some facts during your tenure at the previous organization. The intention may be to prove that you were not worth the selection. Ignore such mean people as they will be of no benefit to you in life.


A basic principle is to maintain your cool head when dealing with mean people. Behave like a diplomat to reflect that they are not able to bother you even if they are able to do so. On the event of frequently coming across these nagging characters, the last step you can take is to give them a warning to put a full stop. Make it clear that you do not deserve or appreciate such comments. You may proceed to take some adverse steps on the event they do not change their habits. This may be difficult if your senior boss at the organization is also in the category of mean people.    


You have to express it through your feelings to these mean people that comments made by them have little importance in your actual life. You should avoid the company of people in the end, lest you have to maintain relations for business or professional purposes. The message should have the clarity that they do not affect you. The mean people do it only due to their frustrations to achieve success in life. 


A close relationship with a person normally helps to monitor the personal traits of that character. The ability of a person to interpret psychologically the weak points of an individual can be dangerous. Comments are made at social gatherings to unstable the reputation and goodwill of a person. Replying to the remarks with a smile may simply confuse the person. A large number of young people are unable to adjust them with the stressful world. They are unable to cope up with mean people surrounding them.


Dealing with these mean people cannot be abstained. They exist in society and you simply have to meet them. The important fact you should keep in mind is, you should not be bogged down due to your interaction with this section of society. Do not feel overburdened, please feel free to take the help of professionals in this area. The person may be a psychologist or a psychiatrist and will be able to release your tension. Stress Management is important and requires attention. Simply do not neglect this.  


In the world today, there always exist people to instigate you to take steps, which are uncalled for due to excess of stress. Variety is the spice of life. If you want solutions, you will have to come across many problems. It is better you nip them at the bud. But, it may not be always possible to do so. Consider interacting with this category of people as normal. You have to master the game of handling people referred to as mean people. This will ensure you to have a peaceful sleep at night.


This is a Guest Post Written by Khushboo Sheth


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How To Deal With Mean People

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  1. they do not affect you. The mean people do it only due to their frustrations to achieve success in life. 

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