Anger is one of the ugly behaviors that can destroy a marital relationship. It is is a strong feeling of displeasure, annoyance or hostility which can result in physical assault and other forms of domestic violence. You will have a good and peaceful marital relationship if you are able to control your anger. But your marriage will be on the verge of breakdown if you are not able to deal with anger. The good news is that anger can be controlled whether you are hot tempered or not. Here are some tips to apply in order to control anger.

First acknowledge that anger is not good

Before you will be able to deal with anger, you should first of all realize that anger is a canker-worm that can weaken the foundation of any marriage if it is left uncontrolled. It is important for you to realize this because it will help to work hard to deal with it. 

Are you hot tempered?

There are some people that are naturally hot tempered. Little things get on their nerve or when they are provoked, they become destructive. You have to tell yourself the truth about how tempered you are. If you are hot tempered, then you have to a lot of home work to do in this regard. It is human to be angry but what is bad is being excessive angry. If you are hot tempered, you should try to avoid anything that will get on your nerve. If you are annoyed by your partner, you can avoid picking a quarrel with him or her by leaving the room, going out and doing any other thing that you derive joy in doing. If you can exchanging word with him or her, you will end up flaring up and getting things destroyed. You should also let your partner know that you are hot tempered so that he or she will know how to talk to you during argument.

Visit a professional counselors

Nowadays, there are trained counsellors and therapists that can provide assistance to hot tempered individuals. You can arrange counseling session with such a counselor to get tips on how to deal with anger.

Believe that you can avoid anger

You should believe that you will be able to avoid anger. The decision to avoid anger depends on your. Take that decision and be optimistic that you can control it. The best way to handle that is to control what you say and avoid responding to any utterance from your partner. Definitely, your partner may use hard words on your. But you have to endure everything and avoid replying. In this way, you will be able to avoid having any quarrel with her.