Many married men are not happy with their wives. The common complaints among these men is that their wives nag a lot and quarrel with them at the slightest provocation. Sometimes, the problem may be caused by the men while sometimes, the fault is from the women. Regardless of the person whose fault it is, you can always deal with quarrel and nagging in your marriage. Here you will learn about nagging and how to deal with it.

Stages of nagging

  • Nagging in marriage has stages. It is important that you understand the various stages of nagging in marriage. Knowing this will help you to deal with it. The first stage of nagging starts with respectful complaints. During this stage, your wife will make some complaints but she does not insult or put up any fight or quarrel when making the complaints. At this stage, the husband does not see the complaints as nagging. However, if you really understand that your wife is at the first stage of nagging, you should pay attention to her nagging. If you leave it unattended, the problem will definitely worsen. Nagging wives enter into the second stage of nagging if their husbands did not handle the initial stage very well.
  • The second stage of nagging is characterized by increase in the rate of complaints. As mentioned above, the woman will enter into this stage when her husband does not pay any attention to her initial complaints. If attention is given to her initial complaints, she may not enter into this stage. At this stage, the woman will be ready for a fight with her husband any time that he does what irritates her. She will tell him that enough is enough and that she cannot endure or bear his thoughtlessness.
  • The third stage of nagging occurs when the woman's mind is filled with the numerous ways her husband has misbehaved and treated her badly. She thinks more of these ugly sides of her husband. She becomes suspicious of her husband. Anytime they are together, she is ready to give it to him. She will always feel bad about her husband. It is difficult for her to forget and forgive him. This is the last stage of nagging. At this stage, the woman sparks off at little provocations and even when the husband does not mean any harm.

Below are some of the ways to deal with nagging

  • Look into the complaints of your wife and don't disregard it. Discusses her complaints with her.
  • Be willing to accept your fault and render apology. If you are actually at the wrong, apologize and make effort not to repeat it. Don't allow pride to make you not accept your fault.
  • Don't see your wife as your subordinate. One of the reasons why some men treat their wives badly and disregard their complaints is because they see them as their subordinates who should not complaint of mistreatment but should accept any treatment given to them. This should not be the case. Remember that your wife is also an adult.
  • Be proud of your wife and treat her very well. This will make her to love and develop strong respect for you. In this way, she will find it difficult to nag you. 

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