In the world of sales nothing is more important than coming up with a quality slogan. The logo and the slogan of a product is usually what people remember, and therefore they have to be great in order for people to become emotionally attached to them. You need to create something that all categories of people can understand, and also enjoy. If you manage to be funny in the process of creating the slogan than that is a bonus, but what you should be focused on is keeping the slogan as simple as you can. There are a whole lot of memorable slogans form which you can learn a lot, but I am not going to exemplify them in this article, because all you need to do is think about the slogans that are most appealing to you, because everyone has their own tastes. Instead I will try to focus in this article on the guidelines that are usually applicable when creating a great slogan. Of course some of the best slogans come seemingly out of the blues, so if you want to go that way be my guest, but if you want to develop a method on how to systematically come up with great slogans, than you might be interested in the steps I will mention in the coming paragraphs:

1.    Do your research. The first step in creating a quality slogan is making sure you understand everything the brand you are making the slogan for is about. Once you understand what the company’s line of business is, and what sort of advantages it might have over the competition than you have a good solid starting point. At this stage you need to have a few words with somebody in the sales department of the company to understand what they want from the slogan, while at the same time you can do objective research on the brand.

2.    Brainstorming is the key. Once you have established your starting point, than the next step is to come up with ideas for the slogan. This can be the most fun or the most frustrating part of the job, depending on your mood and your creativity in any given day. You have to let loose and never judge the quality of the ideas, just write down everything you can think of, and after the well is dry, look them over and see if you have anything good.

3.    Try to give the slogan a rhythm. A quality slogan needs to have a certain ring to it. It would help if it would be in rhyme, but that’s not necessary. It needs to be catchy and easy to remember otherwise clients will not take notice of it. If you have to choose an idea at this point from the ones you have come up with at the previous step, then go with the one that highlights a certain advantage of the product the most.

4.    Say it out loud. You cannot guess how important this step is. I have made this mistake several times during my rookie years, and I have learned a lot form it. Every logo you come up with will sound differently out loud than it does in your head, so make sure to factor this in before showing the final version to your client, or otherwise you can be in for a big surprise.

5.    Keep it short and simple. Don’t ever overcomplicate things when writing a slogan. A quality slogan should in general not be more than 7 words. It doesn’t count if it’s too long, because no one will take the time to read it to the end, so if you feel that you can’t shorten it, it’s better to start fresh.

6.    Be honest about the product. Any good slogan will never lie about the advantages that that certain product has. So don’t try to make up the product into something it’s not because it will more than likely blow up in your face. Make the slogan count by mentioning something about the product which everyone can relate to.

7.    Get a second and third opinion. Do not go directly to the client when you feel you have a finished slogan. First you should try to gage the reaction of some of your friends. Make sure they are good friends who aren’t afraid to tell you if it sucks. And last but not least, my advice to you is to always sleep on it, and see if it still seems that good in the morning.

The steps I have mentioned in this article will more than likely help you in your effort of creating a quality slogan, or at least that’s what I hope. If you think there is anything to add to this article than please leave a comment in the section below and I will try to get back to you.  


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