How To Control Your Self Destructive Behavior

We may not even realize but the self destructive behavior might be killing us slowly. It is an urge inside us that prompt us to do things which is normally not expected to be done as part of normal human behavior. The world is full of attractions, some good other bad. Life is fun and it is all about experiencing the earthly wonders. In our zeal to enjoy life we often submit ourselves to attractions that have the potential to harm us for the real. We may realize the bad side but still cannot overcome the pull factor of the attraction. The result shows us in form of self destructive behavior that harm us for real and that too in front of our open eyes.


Each one of us indulges in self destructive behavior at some point of time in life. The reason can be anything like money, fun, joy, habit etc. Once we are into it is very hard for us to realize what is right or wrong. Sooner the reality starts to creep in and our inner conscience starts to knock our door. It is at this point that what we decide has the ability to influence our life ahead. In such scenarios our environment has the biggest role to play and there in lays the solution to control one’s self destructive behavior.


Let’s look at it more closely and find how we can control our self destructive behavior


What essentially is a self destructive behavior?


1) Our action that our against us only

2) Our action that has potential to harm us

3) Our action that influences our growth in a negative manner


The examples include things like the ones related to our financial situation


1) The habit of gambling

2) Wasting money in stock markets for short term gains

3) Betting for multiple gains


Or the examples also include things that are directed towards our health


1) A diabetic person eating more sugar related stuff

2) A person with high Blood Pressure having no control over diet

3) Drugs, smoking, or other forms that kills us from inside


Still, the other examples include


1) Our habit to annoy people on job.

2) Our habit to hurt people with our words

3) Our behavior that is against our growth


The peculiar habit of such self destructive behavior is that


1) They are easy and fun at the start

2) They make us habitual

3) No matter how much we try, they pull us too strongly towards them.


End Result is


1)We get ruined financially

2) We get ruined physically

3) Our life,job and relationship becomes mess


The Big Question always is how to control the self destructive behavior.


The start point is always Introspection


1) Acknowledging that you have a problem

2) Acknowledging that you need a change

3) Committing yourself for the change


It’s all in the Mind and once you have made up your mind the next step is


1) To work on your environment

2) To use the theory of Distraction and Focus

3) To keep yourself busy


And yes, give yourself some time. Once you are committed it is only matter of days and you would be on a path to change your lives.


Many people fail to realize that the solution lies with them only. Self destructive behavior can show up in any form but important point is to hear your inner voice. There are lots of people around who keep expectations from us including our own inner self and we should be mindful of it. Self destructive behavior give us an eternal kick but if get too far with it sometimes the return is too difficult and costly.



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  1. i have bpd so im self destructive when things get bad but my point would be if you smoke is that just mutch as self destructive as i can be or is it a diffrent kind of self destruction i dont relly have to much of a problem these days ive learnt to cope with methods and insted of doing thigs i stop and think doesnt half help me

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